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i woke up dreaming i won the cali lottery. Sun Smiley so i hurried to the computer to check my numbers and sure enough i had won. Thumbs Up er ah just not the big one. just not the big one again. oh well. i won $2 on the superlotto. it is good. still i need a big win this year in the hundreds.

well i was able to check 3 tickets and 1 out of three was a winner. so i keep winning but just the little amounts. first ticket loser was a hot lotto ticket from DC. the second ticket was a winner from cali on superlotto. the third ticket was a loser from the cali megamillion. i still have 2 more ticket to check. washington state doesn't make it easy to do a number search online. well i will just have to go and check it at the store my self. matter of fact so far this year it has been the biggest winner for me ($33). so i will check on those two latter while running errands.

the update on the two other tickets from az and bc. az says just to mail it in as usual with the claim form off the web site and bc says that they will just send me a check for the 8 dollars instead of free tickets. i am still checking the ohio page about the scratch off game. i am waiting for them to pull the first 30 winners on their first game for the new show. i was watching one online game show and the one contestant said that he entered 30 of them before getting the call. so i will cross my finger that i get the call on my one and only ticket. if the list comes out and i am not on it. i will just move on and look forward to the next time i can get to ohio. come on ohio and pull my name!!!!!See Ya!ohio i am right here. don't you see me waving at you?

mr mega you passed me up this time but there will be a next time. mr power keep me in mind when you are passing out the big prizes. i need to retire from the work world.

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