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20639 of you have viewed my last blog since i was on here.

i am hurt i went down 6000 viewers since i last posted here.

well since my last post some months ago. i have a new job and i am doing the computer work again. i really really enjoy my new job. i get the mobility that i got burnt out on. which was the reason i took the other job. now all i hate are the <snip> air plane seats. i am traveling at least once or twice a month all across the country.

which gives me many opportunities to get lottos from where i go. my high light is i got down to florida and i had enough money for 2 maximum draw length tickets for their lottery. i got a maximum powerball and florida ticket with the kickers for both of them. i didn't have the money for the megamillions.

i am trying to find a little time to run down to oregon. i have 3 tickets that are winners from there and i just want the money. they are small prizes but i like collecting the money. plus i want to get me some more tickets.


the other thing is i am going to go to canada in the early part of january if is not snowing the day i want to go. i have 2 tickets expiring and i hope to all luck one of them is a winner. they had a special going on around our thanksgiving that was pretty <snip> special. the money was good even if it is canadian money. i play in BC. i might make it to montreal this coming year.

one sad note. i use to play the colorado lottery at the airport but i can't do that anymore. so sad. thankfully i still can in minneapolis and chicago.


where else can you play lottery at the airport?


ok it is bed time for me. it is almost 3 am.



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lotto purchases today





26505  of you have viewed my last blog since i was on here.


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wow almost a year and a half has gone by since i last up dated. i'm still in the same old grind. still playing the big ticket games and winning very little. i just checked two mega millions ticket that were for 10 drawings worth 20 a piece. i won 25 dollars back. i just checked my canadian 6/49 ticket and i have a 10 dollar winner there. i spent $156 canadian to get that 10 dollars.


after so many years of playing the lotto. i am getting down on my luck. i might have to cut the lotter out of my budget. my job doesn't pay like it use to pay. i am actively looking for work in the computer field again. i wish someone would give me a break again so i can get out of my current job.


would it be so terrible if i did a kick starter campaign to help me keep playing the lotteries i like to play. i would get laughed off the site.


anyone got some crackers to go with my whine?


well back to the job search. i need to keep playing the lotto so i can afford to get cryogenetically frozen. i want to see the future i read about. it would be lovely to be reanimated it 150 years from now. this might work.


take care i hope not to be as long in between post.

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lotto purchases today


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wow over two years since my last post. two whole years since a post. there have been lots of wins that were huge but not for me. i think i had a 400 dollar win on powerball two years ago. i just have had lots of 28 dollar wins on powerball. my last out of state win was a 3 dollar win on the hoosier lottery. the last big win was for 135 dollars combined from the lottomax and 6/49 in canada. i can't figure what to do with the canadian money but roll it back into new tickets. i am going back to canada this month to buy me some more tickets.


anyway i am still alive and broke but i still buy my lotto. in wa we have powerball and when it or mega million get over 100 million i buy more tickets.

alright i am going. looking forward to conversations with you all again.

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lotto purchases today


Mood: depressed

Now Playing: Seal : Weight of My Mistakes  for some reason i thought about seeing if there was a video for this song and there actually was  one.

well the song keeping in a depressed mode. how appropirate for windows music player to pick this song.

i don't get headaches and every time i get one i think of my siblings who have passed on from brain issues. sad but it is on my mind when i get a headache. this is the first one this year. i had four go before me all with brain  issues. sad. so sad. trying not to  let it get me down.

plus i suk because i said i would up date this on a more frequent setting and i failed this task. january was the last time i did this.

a few things.

i spent my lotto winnings from last year  already. i took the money and went to cali and went from LA to santa barbara. my typing is getting bad.

i managed to get 3 cali lotto tickets and 2 cali mega million tickets. i got to see friends there and play tourist at the getty museum. i spent the valentine day weekend there.

i came back home and continued the buying spree for the powerball prize. i didn't get it but  someone in my state split it with someone from idaho. well i just collected 12 dollars off the first  ticket of that powerball run over 100 million.

that powerball ticket put me over a hundred for the year already. i just got a check from the canadians too. seems i have started going up there once every 3 months. be right back i need some water. back. head still hurts. i have a lottomax ticket that is good until june some time. i have another lotto max ticket good until september sometime. i also got a 6/49 ticket until september some time.

this song makes me think of my mortality. we all have to check out but this song is depressive. makes me think of the conneticut woman who won 10 million dollars on the CT lottery after her husband died. he was the lotto player and always played advance tickets. she looked so sad in the picture. i think she was saying she would give the money back to have  her husband back. this might be what  happens to  me. i want to win the  money so my lovely wife can quit her  job and just retire. sigh.

well powerball is 101 and mega is 244 so i bought 2 10 drawing ticket with the multipliers. this is the first one for powerball going over 100 and i have bought several for mega since it crossed 100.

i have no flights in my future this year if football is on strike. i am thinking about next year lotto trip. i am leaning on going to alaska or montana or a train ride to LA. who knows.

next year will be a busy year. the daughter graduates from the university of hawaii. there is a family reunion in st. louis missouri. the big if is if i hit the lotto. we will take a 3 continent trip from the bottom tip of argentina then to soweto south africa then to sydney australia. if i  don't hit the lotto it will probably be a  cruise. it will be our 30th anniversary.

well i just sneezed and my head is hurting again. i think i will  take some nyquil and go to sleep. i have to put my car  in the  shop because someone hit me.

thanks mister power for the 12 dollar win and mister mega i am waiting on a win from you too.

Hippypeace with afro grease!

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lotto purchases today


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Well with all the hoopla about the bit megamillion jackpot i did break down and purchase a new ticket besides my 10 draw ticket i get all the time. i figured it would be a loser and i was so right. it was only for one drawing and one dollar. i needed to break a ten dollar bill so i purchased one ticket 30 minutes before the drawing close. well i checked it and it is not a winner. Waaaaugh.

with all the tickets i now have i don't have anything to check until the 14th and it is a megamillion ticket from wa. probably the first ticket i got when mega went over 100 million. so that is all  to  report. nothing more.

mister mega and mister power give me a little more luck this year and happy new year to you both.



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lotto purchases today


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ok i think the firing squad is due for me. i have not posted since october. ok i am sorry. life is changing for  me and i am trying to deal with it. nothing negative but i am a little bit busier than in the past. so sorry again.

i am in here a lot but i just read and sometime i post to some of the subjects. so i have not disappeared but not updated the blog like i used to do it.

well my september win of 406 dollars in oregon in september was my biggest win of the year and it was a powerball ticket. Thee last win of  the year was a 6 dollar win on the wa lotto. that win put me over 700 dollars for the year. my last big win of a 1000 dollars occurred in 2007. so i am happy for that. there will be a nice trip to cali with the money for me and the wife to go to the getty museum in southern cali and see friends in the southern cali. oh yeah i will be getting california lotto tickets.

now i took a trip to new york city in november and i bought tickets in colorado, new jersey, PA, and new york. new jersey is the only ticket that has expired now with no wins at all. so that leaves me with tickets in CO, PA, NY, WA, AND OR. so i have megamillion tickets in these states for the next drawing of 290 million. in addition once mega went over 100 million i have purchased 1 ten drawing ticket for 10 draws. so my excitement level is right up there with those people dropping 100 dollars on the game.

in addition i also purchased the local games in those  states except PA because there state game is hard to  check when you are not a state resident. so i kept my money.

i also have been sort of lucky north of the border too. i have 2 sets of multi draw tickets for the lottomax and 6/49. someone won the lottomax for 50 million but i don't know what province. BC won the top prize about 2 months back maybe they won again and it was me. i am not keeping tabs of the 6/49 because i have other things to  do. i will take the money. oh yeah my lottomax ticket goes until the end of june.

i have a buddy heading down to  oregon and  i  will be giving him my tickets to purchase my mega, power, and megabucks games there. he will save me a trip down there. it is the rainy season and you i can just pass on going  there.

losses were just too many to mention so i will spare you the pain. ok spare me the pain.

i like to  check my tickets on  sundays. i have 2 solid weeks where i have nothing to  check. absolutely nothing to check. i will be drug addict type withdrawal pains with no lotto tickets to check. i always wait until the ticket ends it's run. arrggghhh. i will still be buying lotto tickets as long as mega keeps climbing.

speaking of that. i hope NO ONE WINS THIS TUESDAY including me. i would love to see it break the old jackpot record. i think it was 370 million won by the mexican lady in  MA. i am guessing it would go to 338 million dollars or that neighborhood and then take a shot for the record. oh my goodness. i would be dreaming about it constantly. i would trip on the megamillion winning dream.

today was the last day of the regular football season. my giants lost. me so sad. my jets won me so happy. i got one team in the playoffs. if my jets go onto the superbowl i think i will check all my lotto tickets early so i can buy me a ticket see them play. man that is a dream. me, the jets, at the super bowl. wow.

well it is time to say adieu mon amis.

mister mega and mister power shine your light on me and thanks to your little cousin the wa lotto for sending me over 700 for the year.


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lotto purchases today


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first time listening to this song. it is from An Evening of Acoustic music with taj mahal. if i had the money i would  travel around the country to see him in different venues. really really like his music. well i finally got enough cd's to put on this computer and now i listen to them as i do this. so check out taj mahal if you like the blues. ok a lottospin to this song. if won the lotto i would satisfied and tickled too.

anyway i am staring at 17 dollar cdn check from a subscription ticket that ran out in august. i just had another one run out i won even less. i won 10 dollars off the  one that just ended 10/20/2010. i don't know what will be running out from canada anytime soon. i think the next one runs out in december.

i missed the last few weekends. i had a weekend where i had 5 tickets and three were winners. one was a wa lotto something. i can't remember the other two were from PA. i was hoping to win 2 million but it wasn't lol. i won back half my money on a powerball ticket. i won 28 dollars on that ticket and not much on the megamillion ticket. i won 6 dollars on that ticket. now both tickets were 52 dollar a piece. ouch. now i have another trip planned and i might be able to slip over to PA to get me another ticket like this. still i like to get checks in the mail. so i will see how i feel. 

now mega is over 100 million so i am buying an extra 10 drawing ticket after every drawing. i need to go out and get me another wa mega ticket. i got one last thursday and i needed to get one yesterday but i was being lazy and hanging with the wife. i didn't go out to watch football. 

anyway i had 6 tickets come due this weekend. 3 losers. 1 illinois lotto ticket loser. i indiana powerball ticket loser. 1 wa powerball ticket loser.

the winners were canadian 10 cdn. 1 indiana lotto i think 6 dollar winner. 1 indiana mega 8. i tried to call these people up to ask about free tickets. if you are out of state and win in most states they will just send you 1 dollar instead of a free ticket. i won 3 free tickets on the one lotto ticket from them.

well i am looking forward to going on my next trip. if i can save up enough money i will get lotto tickets from colorado, PA, NJ, and NY. if not i will get what i can get. i am headed to norhtern new jersey for thanks giving dinner. i have to keep playing because i want to win at least 50,000 or more. i would like much more hehehehehehe.

well i  get absolutely no feedback here but let me try this again.

ANYONE GOT TICKETS TO THE NY GIANTS VS JAGUARS game they might want to sell for a reasonable price. i am looking at wanting 2 tickets. FREE WOULD BE NICE.

maybe mister mega and mister power will give me that big win and i can afford to go to one of those sites and  get me 2 tickets to the game.




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lotto purchases today


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well it is early sunday morning for me here. just got caught up on wehar's blog here on the post. i checked my only 2 tickets that came due. guess what? you are right they are losers.


i had a wa state megamillions ticket for 10 drawings that was a dud and i had a 10 drawing powerball ticket from maryland state that was a dud. i'm getting tired of reading about other people winning. i want to read about me winning. bummer. early morning now so i must be in my grumpy mood after checking my tickets. maybe i need some caffein to brighten my attitude. who knows.

thank you mister mega and thank you mister power.


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lotto purchases today


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just not listening to music like i used to do when i up dated these.

well i see my friend wehar is posting again and i am glad he is doing that. i missed reading some of his posts on his blog.

i am now  down to checking my tickets on  sundays now. this pasts sunday i  had a 3 dollar win on the wa lottery. woohoo. i had 2 losses on the wa mega millions and each one was a 10 drawing  ticket. i had 1 drawing left on a 2 drawing ticket from indiana and it was a loser. it was the indiana lottery. it is up to 30 million now and  still slowly climbing. i have another  ticket for that lotto too.

well my trip to the football game took me to colorado, indiana, and illinois. i was supposed to  get me a big ticket in colorado at the airport but i didn't read my iteniary the right way and found out i was going through chicago on the way home. i was pissed but what could i do. instead of getting a lesser ticket in indiana i got more. i purchased a 2 dollar 10 drawing ticket for the indiana lottery. i purchased a 10 drawing power and mega ticket for indiana. i was not planning on purchasing these in indiana. on my connecting flight through ohare i purchased 2 15 drawing tickets for mega, power, and the illinois lottery. i got the multiplier on all the  multi state tickets. there was some kind of promotional thing on  the illinois  lottery but the clerksaid it didn't apply at the airport.

once i got home i purchased a 2 dollar 10 drawing ticket for the wa lottery.

i don't know what is coming due this sunday but a maryland something ticket.

my last win went to paying my hotel bill in indy. now i have to replace that money in the savings account. that put me up over the 500 dollar level in three years. my little lotto trip can be expanded to reach cali now. unfortunately i don't pick this year. the last 2 years my wife let  me pick. we might go to los  angeles this time. who knows.

well i have to go to the store for the little lady.

thank you again mister power for the win and looking forward to a win from mister mega.

peace. Hippy

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lotto purchases today


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ok i suck. i said i was going to be better at up dating my blog but i got worse. why i don't know. i just  don't know. the spending hasn't changed and the losing continues. no this is not a negative rant because it does have a happy ending. well at least for me.

i am not traveling like i used to travel and my typing is getting worse. still since april i managed to get tickets from maryland, oregon, British columbia, ohio, PA, new jersey, and new york. i had friends get me tickets in md and BC. i don't know the result of the bc ticket but one of the md tickets was a winner. i did what i was supposed to do to  claim by mail and waited and waited and waited. finally i called them up and asked what gives. well the mail monster ate the ticket. i thought i was sunk but know maryland did a wonderful job of getting me a check.

i always make a copy of the wining ticket  front and back and put it on one sheet. i faxed my copy off to  the people in maryland and lotto security called me back here in washington. they did what they do and found out  that the ticket was not cashed  anywhere. they would send me a check for the 12 dollars i was due. you know what. i actually got a check in the mail for that amount. this was really nice compared to the last time i dealt with  them and i was out my lotto winnings. so kudos to them.

i have had some wins here in washington, new jersey, british columbia, and oregon on tickets i purchased. my BC ticket garnered me a 2 wins totalling 65 dollar canadian. this ticket had 2 more smaller wins after that but they only send checks that are over 20 dollars. i still can't open up an account there. i have to have an acct to put my lotto max millions.

now oregon is another story. i thought hard about stopping my trips down there because washington has powerball now. i thought and thought and thought and decided to keep playing in there. i decided to keep buying tikets there. the megabucks game runs out about a month before the powerball and megamillons do. so it gives me several weekends to choose to go get the tickets. boy am i glad i decided to keep playing there.                 Dance



i got my biggest hit off powerball in oregon. look at him dance. i was 1 white ball from one million dollars. if i was 5 numbers higher and the red ball i could have won 40,000 dollars. man i could use that right now. what i won was $406. i won twice on the same multi draw ticket. i won once with a 2x and once with a 4x which got me the 400 dollars. Partyyippee!


the vacation fund is doing ok for next year. we can actually look at going to cali but i don't choose the location next year. the lovely wife will be choosing.


i have to go back to oregon to pick it up. if i was not going out of town i would just wait for the next trip down there but i need the money. i am going on my annual football trip and this year it is going to be the new york giants vs the indianapolis colts. i need the money to  cover my hotel stay in indy. i am also picking up tickets in indiana, illinois, and colorado. i have not gone through denver in a while. i didn't know that colorado increased it's multidraw to 26. i know about powerball and megamillion but not about the colorado lottery. i sent an email to the colorado lottery and they did not answer my email. i sent it over the labor day weekend and THEY HAVE NOT ANSWERED YET!!!! so anybody from colorado want to post here and let me know before thursday?

lastly back to bc. the lotto max game is played only once a week. so when you get a ticket tha last 26 weeks well that is half a year. i always check my tickets after the last draw. which was exciting about the oregon win. well i found that my 6/49 would end way before that and i would have nothing going in canada but the lotto max. well the lotto max is not a subscription item i don't know why. so on my last trip to canada to send my daughter off to japan. i broke down and got a 6 month ticket for the 6/49. i am good to go in canada until februrary some time. so i keep my fingers crossed that someone in bc will win big and i hope it is me.

oh yeah the indiana lottery is up to 28 million. i hope no one wins it this wednesday so i can get a shot at it on friday when i land in town. i could use the 28 million. oh powerball is 94 and mega million is 44. oooh weee. they both sound millionlicious.

mister powerball i am so happy and thankful that you gave me some money in my time of need. thank you thank you thank you. mister mega you can have an opportunity to shine on me too.

Hippypeace with the afro grease.


i am Audi 5000

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lotto purchases today


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well i went to the wine country in BC this time. a long trip across washington state to go see something new. there were no nice canadians to meet me so i did not bring my canadian checks.

anyway i had my old 6/49 tiket with me and i showed 2 clerks at two different stores so they could give me the same check. neither one knew how to do it. the 2nd one was kind enough to call the bc lottery hot line to get help in doing what i wanted. well the BC hotline told her that i could only get 10 advance plays for the extra on my subscription ticket. the clerk told me if the bc hotline says it can't be done it can't be done.

well...... i was not satisfied.

i went to a third store and found a slip and figured out the math. i filled it out myself and gave it to the clerk. he slid into the machine and it came back with the exact amount i had figrued out. i told him to go ahead and charge me the 104 dollars canadian. now my wife pointed this fact out. the first 2 clerks were female and the last one was male. hmmmm. maybe that is why he was a little more comfortable with the computer.

i did send a message to the bc lottery corporation about the hot line blunder. i also sent in my subscription paperwork to kamloops. i could use a canadian win this month before i go back up to get another ticket.

oh yeah my lotto max ticket had a free ticket win on it. i did not cash it in because i have several more drawings on my ticket.

yesterday was sunday and the mega was over 100 million. so i went and got a 10 drawing ticket in a little town called tonasket washington or something like it.


starting on may 1 here in washington for the month of may there will be the 10x multiplier on powerball. i have to  figure out what i will do for ticket purchases. hmmm.


well i have to run.

mister mega and mister  power one of you need to give me a big hit so i can help  my daughter with her college education.

peace. Hippy

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lotto purchases today


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well i am glad people are still stopping by to see what i am up on my purchases these days. things have changed a bit in how i earn my money but the purchases still go on.

i think i was a bit bummed out when washington said that it would join powerball and all the other states were doing it too. really bummed me out. i was a little depressed about it. well keeping busy with surviving and other day to day things kept me from going into a funk.

when the day came that i could actually buy a powerball ticket here i wanted to do something special. Ohh boy was it special. i purchased 5 powerball quick picks with the powerplay for 10 drawings. the ticket cost me 100 dollars. you should have seen the cashier's eye light up. wow. wow. do you really want to do this? i gave her a hundred dollar bill to prove my point. which got me into a little history lesson with the young lady. now all i can say is WOW I STILL HAVE THAT TICKET. lmao. it was a loser of course.

i was bummed out because now i did not have a reason to go to oregon for a powerball ticket over all these years. i have been making the run to oregon for a long time. i grew to hate going down there every 2 weeks to get a powerball ticket. hate it hate it hate it. i got several jobs that took me all over the country. i used those jobs to travel to or purchase tickets in those powerball states. sometimes i would have so many advance draw tickets that i would not go to oregon for 7 or 8 months. still they would always run out. then i would go back to driving down to get a ticket once every 2 weeks. beginning last year they went to 25 advance plays. i found out and was unprepared. i came down to do my normal 2 week purchase and ended up getting a 25 drawing ticket for powerball and megabucks. i was immediately stranded in southern washington after the purchase. there was major flooding in washington and the whole west coast. i spent 2 days in a motel 6 with not much money to spend for food.

i say all this to say i will still go to oregon to get me a powerball ticket. i just can't stop. when my health fails and no one will drive me i can still get a powerball ticket here. i am not sick and not that old yet. i just have had more luck on powerball than megamillions. plus i like the drive to raineer oregon every few months. i know how to get around longview and kelso pretty well too. so i am at peace with the need to travel for a powerball ticket. i don't have to do it but i want to do it. if i feel lazy i can just walk down to the safeway and get a powerball ticket.

well i have weekends off mostly and i will try to get in here on a semi regular basis. hmmm. stomach growling. must be time for grits but not before i tell a few more tid bits.

next weekend i am going to a different spot in BC canada. I am going to Osoyoos to spend my lotto money. i have a hotel room paid for by my lotto winnings of last year. i even have some money for gas to get me there. the rest...well will come from my pocket. Any members from Osoyoos want to stop by and have a drink while i am in town? if it is non alcoholic i will buy.

i am going to purchase a new 6/49 ticket and cash in two checks that i have from my previous tickets. i can't get full value on my canadian checks anymore because my credit union charges a high fee for international checks. well the check cashing place i normally go to in the vancouver suburbs is not in Osoyoos. bummer.

calling all nice canadians. calling all nice canadians. Only if you live in Osoyoos i need to cash a canadian lotto check. i will probably get no response. come on and prove me wrong.


going back to oregon. i have 3 tickets from there. 1 powerball ticket for 26 drawings with the powerplay. 1 megamillions ticket for 26 drawings with the multipyer. i am really happy about that. texas was the only place i could play with the multiplyer. my texas ticket is way dead. i have a 26 drawing ticket for megabucks with the kicker. i am going to base my oregon runs on the megabucks ticket. basically when it runs out and before the powerball ticket runs out. it is usually window of about a month. this way i will always have a little overlap with my powerball play in oregon.

washington. another thing i did to change my play since i am not flying all over the place like i used to do. when either powerball or megamillions get over 100 million. i will purchase a multi drawing ticket for them. like today after my grits i am going to go get me one of each for a total of 30 dollars.

this last week i deliberatley missed a megamillion drawing here. it was one drawing before it went over 100 million. plus i already had one from oregon and one from maryland. a friend of mine purchased powerball and megamillions for me there on his trip. what are friends for!

i still play the washington lotto. i try not to miss a drawing. not big money but the last time i won big it was the washington lotto that paid me. i think i will just get my ticket early when i get the others. it is going to run out on the 21st.

ok the last two things before i go have me some grits and eggs.

1 keep checking out my page so that i can break 70,000 views. i can't wait until i break 100,000 views. so come on back often. i will try to update more often.

2 calling all nice canadians. calling all nice canadians


mister mega and mister power can you give me a 3 digit win this month? please. pretty please!

ok i am Audi here.


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lotto purchases today


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sorry for not up dating but life has been keeping me busy trying to survive in this economy. i am still buying lotto tickets. i am winning and losing as usual and keeping track. the year is coming to an end i have a stack of tickets i need to up check on. i have sevral overlapping megamillion tickets and 2 powerball tickets. i think i will keep going to oregon to get a powerball ticket even if washington starts selling powerball. i am trying to get up to canada at the start of the new year to get me a lottomax ticket.

well this all i have time for now.

mister power and mister mega give me a good win this week. i want go to indy to see my jets try to beat the colts.


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lotto purchases today


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well i am back from hawaii. i am also back from texas. going to texas was the first trip in awhile that i did not rent a car. it felt strange being passenger.

i did not make a lotto run while i was there. i just got tickets for texas but toyed with the idea of going to oklahoma.

i noticed before i went to texas that the texas lotto was creeping up there. it was about 47 million before i got there. by the time i arrived in the dallas forth worth area it had grown to 55 million. i was so happy that i would get a shot at the texas lotto. more than likely i can continue my losing streak. hahaha. i got a 2 dollar ticket for 10 drawings. so maybe.... i also got a 1 dollar 10 drawing megabucks ticket with the kicker. the two lottos in texas are worth 134 million together. i would be happy with either one.

i have been a wee bit busy as of late. i see that mega million will be hitting the 100 million mark soon again. i will be increasing my purchases again. i did get a few hits on the last run up to 300+ million last time but more on that lately. powerball is over 100 million already. i have only one active ticket and it does not have a kicker. i just did not have the money on my last excursion to oregon. more on that later.

still the i want to start off with my friends to the north. the lottomax game just kicked off and i have no funds to go and get a ticket. so i won't be in on the inaugural drawing for 10 million cdn. just have no bucks after coming from texas.

i was trying to get a piece of the super7 before it went away. the hope was that no one would hit the final jackpot and the money would trickle down to the rest of the winners. well i managed to get a win on the last drawing but someone in saskactchewan won the big pot. now there will be no trickle down. i was going to mail my ticket in but i know i will be going back when the funds come in again. plus all i won was a free ticket. which meant i would be holding another 2 dollar canadian check i can't cash here. maybe the first week of october i will go to canada to get a ticket. woohoo i got a win.


ok it is time to go through the hits and misses. mostly misses of course.

i had a 50 dollar loss on a 1 dollar 25 drawing or powerball ticket with powerplay

i had a 156 dollar loss on a 1 dollar 52 drawing fl lotto with the 3x multiplier OUCH!

i had a 10 dollar loss on a 1 dollar 10 drawing wa lotto

i had a 2 dollar loss on a 1 dollar tx mega with kicker.

i had a 1 dollar loss on 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 1 dollar loss on 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 1 dollar loss on 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 24 dollar win on a 52 drawing fl powerball with powerplay.

i had a 3 dollar win on a 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 2 dollar win on a 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a free ticket win on a 16 dollar 8 drawing BC super7 ticket.


there are a few more purchases not mentioned here but they will be mentioned in the future.

i have another or powerball ticket and several wa mega tickets to go. hopefully one will be a decent winner.

well my future plans are to somehow to get back up to canada to get a lottomax ticket and another 6/49 ticket to go along with the one i alreay have. i am headed to georgia in about 2 weeks. i am going to the atlanta area. i will definitely be purchasing a ga mega ticket. if the money is there i will rent a car and drive down to florida to get me another long term powerball ticket and florida lotto.

man i am just like everyone else i just want that one hit. that one big win. the #$^$ you money. my daugher needs a car over in hawaii and i just need some extra money. i don't care what state lets me win i just want to win.

next month will be my last trip for the year. every time i say that someone wants to hire me to go somewhere for work. as you all know work has been scarce except for those who are working. i have no plans to go anywhere until next april after next month.

my lotto plans for next year looks like they are going to be a major bust. i wanted to take a train from seattle to LA and then just fly back. i just checked with amtrak and i see that i have enough for a one way ticket to LA by train. i just need to win some more money to pay for the plane trip back. anyway i have 3 more months of playing to win some money.

on a sad note. i am going to take one of my cats to the pound tomorrow. i just can't take care of her anymore. it will be breaking my heart. i can't afford to take her to a no kill place. i just don't know what to do anymore but she will be leaving tomorrow.

ok i need some big bucks. i could use a couple of 150 dollar hits. come on mister mega and mister power show me some love. yea baby.



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lotto purchases today


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aloha from hawaii. mahalo or whatever that means. lol.

anyway i got me a mega million 10 drawing ticket for yesterdays drawing. now that it went up to 207 million i got another via my wife for this friday's drawing. i still have one more drawing on my powerball from oregon and i can really use a win to pay for this trip and more. Lep.

i might be headed to oregon to drop off a gift for a friend and pick up another powerball ticket. who knows.

well i came to hawaii to get my daughter settled in to her new digs. i am coming up on that goodbye moment and i am already welling up just to think about it. my baby girl will be on her own. it will be quiet  in the house. i just have to have a stiff upper lip and hold back the tears. i wish i could just pay for her schooling in one fell swoop. i just will keep working and giving her money so she can survive. it will truly be a return to innocence. just have to believe in destiny and follow my heart.

mister power and mister mega my daughter can use some help now.

Hippypeace with afro grease.

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