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aloha from hawaii. mahalo or whatever that means. lol.

anyway i got me a mega million 10 drawing ticket for yesterdays drawing. now that it went up to 207 million i got another via my wife for this friday's drawing. i still have one more drawing on my powerball from oregon and i can really use a win to pay for this trip and more. Lep.

i might be headed to oregon to drop off a gift for a friend and pick up another powerball ticket. who knows.

well i came to hawaii to get my daughter settled in to her new digs. i am coming up on that goodbye moment and i am already welling up just to think about it. my baby girl will be on her own. it will be quiet  in the house. i just have to have a stiff upper lip and hold back the tears. i wish i could just pay for her schooling in one fell swoop. i just will keep working and giving her money so she can survive. it will truly be a return to innocence. just have to believe in destiny and follow my heart.

mister power and mister mega my daughter can use some help now.

Hippypeace with afro grease.

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