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lotto purchases today



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well i am back from hawaii. i am also back from texas. going to texas was the first trip in awhile that i did not rent a car. it felt strange being passenger.

i did not make a lotto run while i was there. i just got tickets for texas but toyed with the idea of going to oklahoma.

i noticed before i went to texas that the texas lotto was creeping up there. it was about 47 million before i got there. by the time i arrived in the dallas forth worth area it had grown to 55 million. i was so happy that i would get a shot at the texas lotto. more than likely i can continue my losing streak. hahaha. i got a 2 dollar ticket for 10 drawings. so maybe.... i also got a 1 dollar 10 drawing megabucks ticket with the kicker. the two lottos in texas are worth 134 million together. i would be happy with either one.

i have been a wee bit busy as of late. i see that mega million will be hitting the 100 million mark soon again. i will be increasing my purchases again. i did get a few hits on the last run up to 300+ million last time but more on that lately. powerball is over 100 million already. i have only one active ticket and it does not have a kicker. i just did not have the money on my last excursion to oregon. more on that later.

still the i want to start off with my friends to the north. the lottomax game just kicked off and i have no funds to go and get a ticket. so i won't be in on the inaugural drawing for 10 million cdn. just have no bucks after coming from texas.

i was trying to get a piece of the super7 before it went away. the hope was that no one would hit the final jackpot and the money would trickle down to the rest of the winners. well i managed to get a win on the last drawing but someone in saskactchewan won the big pot. now there will be no trickle down. i was going to mail my ticket in but i know i will be going back when the funds come in again. plus all i won was a free ticket. which meant i would be holding another 2 dollar canadian check i can't cash here. maybe the first week of october i will go to canada to get a ticket. woohoo i got a win.


ok it is time to go through the hits and misses. mostly misses of course.

i had a 50 dollar loss on a 1 dollar 25 drawing or powerball ticket with powerplay

i had a 156 dollar loss on a 1 dollar 52 drawing fl lotto with the 3x multiplier OUCH!

i had a 10 dollar loss on a 1 dollar 10 drawing wa lotto

i had a 2 dollar loss on a 1 dollar tx mega with kicker.

i had a 1 dollar loss on 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 1 dollar loss on 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 1 dollar loss on 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 24 dollar win on a 52 drawing fl powerball with powerplay.

i had a 3 dollar win on a 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a 2 dollar win on a 10 drawing wa mega ticket

i had a free ticket win on a 16 dollar 8 drawing BC super7 ticket.


there are a few more purchases not mentioned here but they will be mentioned in the future.

i have another or powerball ticket and several wa mega tickets to go. hopefully one will be a decent winner.

well my future plans are to somehow to get back up to canada to get a lottomax ticket and another 6/49 ticket to go along with the one i alreay have. i am headed to georgia in about 2 weeks. i am going to the atlanta area. i will definitely be purchasing a ga mega ticket. if the money is there i will rent a car and drive down to florida to get me another long term powerball ticket and florida lotto.

man i am just like everyone else i just want that one hit. that one big win. the #$^$ you money. my daugher needs a car over in hawaii and i just need some extra money. i don't care what state lets me win i just want to win.

next month will be my last trip for the year. every time i say that someone wants to hire me to go somewhere for work. as you all know work has been scarce except for those who are working. i have no plans to go anywhere until next april after next month.

my lotto plans for next year looks like they are going to be a major bust. i wanted to take a train from seattle to LA and then just fly back. i just checked with amtrak and i see that i have enough for a one way ticket to LA by train. i just need to win some more money to pay for the plane trip back. anyway i have 3 more months of playing to win some money.

on a sad note. i am going to take one of my cats to the pound tomorrow. i just can't take care of her anymore. it will be breaking my heart. i can't afford to take her to a no kill place. i just don't know what to do anymore but she will be leaving tomorrow.

ok i need some big bucks. i could use a couple of 150 dollar hits. come on mister mega and mister power show me some love. yea baby.



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