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lotto purchases today


Last Edited: September 14, 2010, 1:46 pm


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ok i suck. i said i was going to be better at up dating my blog but i got worse. why i don't know. i just  don't know. the spending hasn't changed and the losing continues. no this is not a negative rant because it does have a happy ending. well at least for me.

i am not traveling like i used to travel and my typing is getting worse. still since april i managed to get tickets from maryland, oregon, British columbia, ohio, PA, new jersey, and new york. i had friends get me tickets in md and BC. i don't know the result of the bc ticket but one of the md tickets was a winner. i did what i was supposed to do to  claim by mail and waited and waited and waited. finally i called them up and asked what gives. well the mail monster ate the ticket. i thought i was sunk but know maryland did a wonderful job of getting me a check.

i always make a copy of the wining ticket  front and back and put it on one sheet. i faxed my copy off to  the people in maryland and lotto security called me back here in washington. they did what they do and found out  that the ticket was not cashed  anywhere. they would send me a check for the 12 dollars i was due. you know what. i actually got a check in the mail for that amount. this was really nice compared to the last time i dealt with  them and i was out my lotto winnings. so kudos to them.

i have had some wins here in washington, new jersey, british columbia, and oregon on tickets i purchased. my BC ticket garnered me a 2 wins totalling 65 dollar canadian. this ticket had 2 more smaller wins after that but they only send checks that are over 20 dollars. i still can't open up an account there. i have to have an acct to put my lotto max millions.

now oregon is another story. i thought hard about stopping my trips down there because washington has powerball now. i thought and thought and thought and decided to keep playing in there. i decided to keep buying tikets there. the megabucks game runs out about a month before the powerball and megamillons do. so it gives me several weekends to choose to go get the tickets. boy am i glad i decided to keep playing there.                 Dance



i got my biggest hit off powerball in oregon. look at him dance. i was 1 white ball from one million dollars. if i was 5 numbers higher and the red ball i could have won 40,000 dollars. man i could use that right now. what i won was $406. i won twice on the same multi draw ticket. i won once with a 2x and once with a 4x which got me the 400 dollars. Partyyippee!


the vacation fund is doing ok for next year. we can actually look at going to cali but i don't choose the location next year. the lovely wife will be choosing.


i have to go back to oregon to pick it up. if i was not going out of town i would just wait for the next trip down there but i need the money. i am going on my annual football trip and this year it is going to be the new york giants vs the indianapolis colts. i need the money to  cover my hotel stay in indy. i am also picking up tickets in indiana, illinois, and colorado. i have not gone through denver in a while. i didn't know that colorado increased it's multidraw to 26. i know about powerball and megamillion but not about the colorado lottery. i sent an email to the colorado lottery and they did not answer my email. i sent it over the labor day weekend and THEY HAVE NOT ANSWERED YET!!!! so anybody from colorado want to post here and let me know before thursday?

lastly back to bc. the lotto max game is played only once a week. so when you get a ticket tha last 26 weeks well that is half a year. i always check my tickets after the last draw. which was exciting about the oregon win. well i found that my 6/49 would end way before that and i would have nothing going in canada but the lotto max. well the lotto max is not a subscription item i don't know why. so on my last trip to canada to send my daughter off to japan. i broke down and got a 6 month ticket for the 6/49. i am good to go in canada until februrary some time. so i keep my fingers crossed that someone in bc will win big and i hope it is me.

oh yeah the indiana lottery is up to 28 million. i hope no one wins it this wednesday so i can get a shot at it on friday when i land in town. i could use the 28 million. oh powerball is 94 and mega million is 44. oooh weee. they both sound millionlicious.

mister powerball i am so happy and thankful that you gave me some money in my time of need. thank you thank you thank you. mister mega you can have an opportunity to shine on me too.

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