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lotto purchases today


Last Edited: January 3, 2011, 2:38 am


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ok i think the firing squad is due for me. i have not posted since october. ok i am sorry. life is changing for  me and i am trying to deal with it. nothing negative but i am a little bit busier than in the past. so sorry again.

i am in here a lot but i just read and sometime i post to some of the subjects. so i have not disappeared but not updated the blog like i used to do it.

well my september win of 406 dollars in oregon in september was my biggest win of the year and it was a powerball ticket. Thee last win of  the year was a 6 dollar win on the wa lotto. that win put me over 700 dollars for the year. my last big win of a 1000 dollars occurred in 2007. so i am happy for that. there will be a nice trip to cali with the money for me and the wife to go to the getty museum in southern cali and see friends in the southern cali. oh yeah i will be getting california lotto tickets.

now i took a trip to new york city in november and i bought tickets in colorado, new jersey, PA, and new york. new jersey is the only ticket that has expired now with no wins at all. so that leaves me with tickets in CO, PA, NY, WA, AND OR. so i have megamillion tickets in these states for the next drawing of 290 million. in addition once mega went over 100 million i have purchased 1 ten drawing ticket for 10 draws. so my excitement level is right up there with those people dropping 100 dollars on the game.

in addition i also purchased the local games in those  states except PA because there state game is hard to  check when you are not a state resident. so i kept my money.

i also have been sort of lucky north of the border too. i have 2 sets of multi draw tickets for the lottomax and 6/49. someone won the lottomax for 50 million but i don't know what province. BC won the top prize about 2 months back maybe they won again and it was me. i am not keeping tabs of the 6/49 because i have other things to  do. i will take the money. oh yeah my lottomax ticket goes until the end of june.

i have a buddy heading down to  oregon and  i  will be giving him my tickets to purchase my mega, power, and megabucks games there. he will save me a trip down there. it is the rainy season and you i can just pass on going  there.

losses were just too many to mention so i will spare you the pain. ok spare me the pain.

i like to  check my tickets on  sundays. i have 2 solid weeks where i have nothing to  check. absolutely nothing to check. i will be drug addict type withdrawal pains with no lotto tickets to check. i always wait until the ticket ends it's run. arrggghhh. i will still be buying lotto tickets as long as mega keeps climbing.

speaking of that. i hope NO ONE WINS THIS TUESDAY including me. i would love to see it break the old jackpot record. i think it was 370 million won by the mexican lady in  MA. i am guessing it would go to 338 million dollars or that neighborhood and then take a shot for the record. oh my goodness. i would be dreaming about it constantly. i would trip on the megamillion winning dream.

today was the last day of the regular football season. my giants lost. me so sad. my jets won me so happy. i got one team in the playoffs. if my jets go onto the superbowl i think i will check all my lotto tickets early so i can buy me a ticket see them play. man that is a dream. me, the jets, at the super bowl. wow.

well it is time to say adieu mon amis.

mister mega and mister power shine your light on me and thanks to your little cousin the wa lotto for sending me over 700 for the year.


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