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lotto purchases today



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Now Playing: Taj Mahal : Satisfied & Tickled Too

first time listening to this song. it is from An Evening of Acoustic music with taj mahal. if i had the money i would  travel around the country to see him in different venues. really really like his music. well i finally got enough cd's to put on this computer and now i listen to them as i do this. so check out taj mahal if you like the blues. ok a lottospin to this song. if won the lotto i would satisfied and tickled too.

anyway i am staring at 17 dollar cdn check from a subscription ticket that ran out in august. i just had another one run out i won even less. i won 10 dollars off the  one that just ended 10/20/2010. i don't know what will be running out from canada anytime soon. i think the next one runs out in december.

i missed the last few weekends. i had a weekend where i had 5 tickets and three were winners. one was a wa lotto something. i can't remember the other two were from PA. i was hoping to win 2 million but it wasn't lol. i won back half my money on a powerball ticket. i won 28 dollars on that ticket and not much on the megamillion ticket. i won 6 dollars on that ticket. now both tickets were 52 dollar a piece. ouch. now i have another trip planned and i might be able to slip over to PA to get me another ticket like this. still i like to get checks in the mail. so i will see how i feel. 

now mega is over 100 million so i am buying an extra 10 drawing ticket after every drawing. i need to go out and get me another wa mega ticket. i got one last thursday and i needed to get one yesterday but i was being lazy and hanging with the wife. i didn't go out to watch football. 

anyway i had 6 tickets come due this weekend. 3 losers. 1 illinois lotto ticket loser. i indiana powerball ticket loser. 1 wa powerball ticket loser.

the winners were canadian 10 cdn. 1 indiana lotto i think 6 dollar winner. 1 indiana mega 8. i tried to call these people up to ask about free tickets. if you are out of state and win in most states they will just send you 1 dollar instead of a free ticket. i won 3 free tickets on the one lotto ticket from them.

well i am looking forward to going on my next trip. if i can save up enough money i will get lotto tickets from colorado, PA, NJ, and NY. if not i will get what i can get. i am headed to norhtern new jersey for thanks giving dinner. i have to keep playing because i want to win at least 50,000 or more. i would like much more hehehehehehe.

well i  get absolutely no feedback here but let me try this again.

ANYONE GOT TICKETS TO THE NY GIANTS VS JAGUARS game they might want to sell for a reasonable price. i am looking at wanting 2 tickets. FREE WOULD BE NICE.

maybe mister mega and mister power will give me that big win and i can afford to go to one of those sites and  get me 2 tickets to the game.




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