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26505  of you have viewed my last blog since i was on here.


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wow almost a year and a half has gone by since i last up dated. i'm still in the same old grind. still playing the big ticket games and winning very little. i just checked two mega millions ticket that were for 10 drawings worth 20 a piece. i won 25 dollars back. i just checked my canadian 6/49 ticket and i have a 10 dollar winner there. i spent $156 canadian to get that 10 dollars.


after so many years of playing the lotto. i am getting down on my luck. i might have to cut the lotter out of my budget. my job doesn't pay like it use to pay. i am actively looking for work in the computer field again. i wish someone would give me a break again so i can get out of my current job.


would it be so terrible if i did a kick starter campaign to help me keep playing the lotteries i like to play. i would get laughed off the site.


anyone got some crackers to go with my whine?


well back to the job search. i need to keep playing the lotto so i can afford to get cryogenetically frozen. i want to see the future i read about. it would be lovely to be reanimated it 150 years from now. this might work.


take care i hope not to be as long in between post.

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