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lotto purchases today



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just not listening to music like i used to do when i up dated these.

well i see my friend wehar is posting again and i am glad he is doing that. i missed reading some of his posts on his blog.

i am now  down to checking my tickets on  sundays now. this pasts sunday i  had a 3 dollar win on the wa lottery. woohoo. i had 2 losses on the wa mega millions and each one was a 10 drawing  ticket. i had 1 drawing left on a 2 drawing ticket from indiana and it was a loser. it was the indiana lottery. it is up to 30 million now and  still slowly climbing. i have another  ticket for that lotto too.

well my trip to the football game took me to colorado, indiana, and illinois. i was supposed to  get me a big ticket in colorado at the airport but i didn't read my iteniary the right way and found out i was going through chicago on the way home. i was pissed but what could i do. instead of getting a lesser ticket in indiana i got more. i purchased a 2 dollar 10 drawing ticket for the indiana lottery. i purchased a 10 drawing power and mega ticket for indiana. i was not planning on purchasing these in indiana. on my connecting flight through ohare i purchased 2 15 drawing tickets for mega, power, and the illinois lottery. i got the multiplier on all the  multi state tickets. there was some kind of promotional thing on  the illinois  lottery but the clerksaid it didn't apply at the airport.

once i got home i purchased a 2 dollar 10 drawing ticket for the wa lottery.

i don't know what is coming due this sunday but a maryland something ticket.

my last win went to paying my hotel bill in indy. now i have to replace that money in the savings account. that put me up over the 500 dollar level in three years. my little lotto trip can be expanded to reach cali now. unfortunately i don't pick this year. the last 2 years my wife let  me pick. we might go to los  angeles this time. who knows.

well i have to go to the store for the little lady.

thank you again mister power for the win and looking forward to a win from mister mega.

peace. Hippy

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