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lotto purchases today



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well i am glad people are still stopping by to see what i am up on my purchases these days. things have changed a bit in how i earn my money but the purchases still go on.

i think i was a bit bummed out when washington said that it would join powerball and all the other states were doing it too. really bummed me out. i was a little depressed about it. well keeping busy with surviving and other day to day things kept me from going into a funk.

when the day came that i could actually buy a powerball ticket here i wanted to do something special. Ohh boy was it special. i purchased 5 powerball quick picks with the powerplay for 10 drawings. the ticket cost me 100 dollars. you should have seen the cashier's eye light up. wow. wow. do you really want to do this? i gave her a hundred dollar bill to prove my point. which got me into a little history lesson with the young lady. now all i can say is WOW I STILL HAVE THAT TICKET. lmao. it was a loser of course.

i was bummed out because now i did not have a reason to go to oregon for a powerball ticket over all these years. i have been making the run to oregon for a long time. i grew to hate going down there every 2 weeks to get a powerball ticket. hate it hate it hate it. i got several jobs that took me all over the country. i used those jobs to travel to or purchase tickets in those powerball states. sometimes i would have so many advance draw tickets that i would not go to oregon for 7 or 8 months. still they would always run out. then i would go back to driving down to get a ticket once every 2 weeks. beginning last year they went to 25 advance plays. i found out and was unprepared. i came down to do my normal 2 week purchase and ended up getting a 25 drawing ticket for powerball and megabucks. i was immediately stranded in southern washington after the purchase. there was major flooding in washington and the whole west coast. i spent 2 days in a motel 6 with not much money to spend for food.

i say all this to say i will still go to oregon to get me a powerball ticket. i just can't stop. when my health fails and no one will drive me i can still get a powerball ticket here. i am not sick and not that old yet. i just have had more luck on powerball than megamillions. plus i like the drive to raineer oregon every few months. i know how to get around longview and kelso pretty well too. so i am at peace with the need to travel for a powerball ticket. i don't have to do it but i want to do it. if i feel lazy i can just walk down to the safeway and get a powerball ticket.

well i have weekends off mostly and i will try to get in here on a semi regular basis. hmmm. stomach growling. must be time for grits but not before i tell a few more tid bits.

next weekend i am going to a different spot in BC canada. I am going to Osoyoos to spend my lotto money. i have a hotel room paid for by my lotto winnings of last year. i even have some money for gas to get me there. the rest...well will come from my pocket. Any members from Osoyoos want to stop by and have a drink while i am in town? if it is non alcoholic i will buy.

i am going to purchase a new 6/49 ticket and cash in two checks that i have from my previous tickets. i can't get full value on my canadian checks anymore because my credit union charges a high fee for international checks. well the check cashing place i normally go to in the vancouver suburbs is not in Osoyoos. bummer.

calling all nice canadians. calling all nice canadians. Only if you live in Osoyoos i need to cash a canadian lotto check. i will probably get no response. come on and prove me wrong.


going back to oregon. i have 3 tickets from there. 1 powerball ticket for 26 drawings with the powerplay. 1 megamillions ticket for 26 drawings with the multipyer. i am really happy about that. texas was the only place i could play with the multiplyer. my texas ticket is way dead. i have a 26 drawing ticket for megabucks with the kicker. i am going to base my oregon runs on the megabucks ticket. basically when it runs out and before the powerball ticket runs out. it is usually window of about a month. this way i will always have a little overlap with my powerball play in oregon.

washington. another thing i did to change my play since i am not flying all over the place like i used to do. when either powerball or megamillions get over 100 million. i will purchase a multi drawing ticket for them. like today after my grits i am going to go get me one of each for a total of 30 dollars.

this last week i deliberatley missed a megamillion drawing here. it was one drawing before it went over 100 million. plus i already had one from oregon and one from maryland. a friend of mine purchased powerball and megamillions for me there on his trip. what are friends for!

i still play the washington lotto. i try not to miss a drawing. not big money but the last time i won big it was the washington lotto that paid me. i think i will just get my ticket early when i get the others. it is going to run out on the 21st.

ok the last two things before i go have me some grits and eggs.

1 keep checking out my page so that i can break 70,000 views. i can't wait until i break 100,000 views. so come on back often. i will try to update more often.

2 calling all nice canadians. calling all nice canadians


mister mega and mister power can you give me a 3 digit win this month? please. pretty please!

ok i am Audi here.


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