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lotto purchases today



Mood: depressed

Now Playing: Seal : Weight of My Mistakes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgPk-kyOfG8  for some reason i thought about seeing if there was a video for this song and there actually was  one.

well the song keeping in a depressed mode. how appropirate for windows music player to pick this song.

i don't get headaches and every time i get one i think of my siblings who have passed on from brain issues. sad but it is on my mind when i get a headache. this is the first one this year. i had four go before me all with brain  issues. sad. so sad. trying not to  let it get me down.

plus i suk because i said i would up date this on a more frequent setting and i failed this task. january was the last time i did this.

a few things.

i spent my lotto winnings from last year  already. i took the money and went to cali and went from LA to santa barbara. my typing is getting bad.

i managed to get 3 cali lotto tickets and 2 cali mega million tickets. i got to see friends there and play tourist at the getty museum. i spent the valentine day weekend there.

i came back home and continued the buying spree for the powerball prize. i didn't get it but  someone in my state split it with someone from idaho. well i just collected 12 dollars off the first  ticket of that powerball run over 100 million.

that powerball ticket put me over a hundred for the year already. i just got a check from the canadians too. seems i have started going up there once every 3 months. be right back i need some water. back. head still hurts. i have a lottomax ticket that is good until june some time. i have another lotto max ticket good until september sometime. i also got a 6/49 ticket until september some time.

this song makes me think of my mortality. we all have to check out but this song is depressive. makes me think of the conneticut woman who won 10 million dollars on the CT lottery after her husband died. he was the lotto player and always played advance tickets. she looked so sad in the picture. i think she was saying she would give the money back to have  her husband back. this might be what  happens to  me. i want to win the  money so my lovely wife can quit her  job and just retire. sigh.

well powerball is 101 and mega is 244 so i bought 2 10 drawing ticket with the multipliers. this is the first one for powerball going over 100 and i have bought several for mega since it crossed 100.

i have no flights in my future this year if football is on strike. i am thinking about next year lotto trip. i am leaning on going to alaska or montana or a train ride to LA. who knows.

next year will be a busy year. the daughter graduates from the university of hawaii. there is a family reunion in st. louis missouri. the big if is if i hit the lotto. we will take a 3 continent trip from the bottom tip of argentina then to soweto south africa then to sydney australia. if i  don't hit the lotto it will probably be a  cruise. it will be our 30th anniversary.

well i just sneezed and my head is hurting again. i think i will  take some nyquil and go to sleep. i have to put my car  in the  shop because someone hit me.

thanks mister power for the 12 dollar win and mister mega i am waiting on a win from you too.

Hippypeace with afro grease!

Entry #237


larry3100Comment by larry3100 - March 21, 2011, 11:29 pm
Take two Quick Picks and see a Chiropractor.
starchild_45Comment by starchild_45 - March 22, 2011, 10:09 am
that won't do. it is a lot deeper than that.

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