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I wouldv'e won again...


 So I'm a lil bit pissed at this point becuz i just lost money, I don't like to lose money if i know theres no reason for me to. My recent dream did come out, but it came from a different source I had at my fingertips. The numbers in this second book I own is as follows  567 - 667...I would've played had I slowed my roll, the left hand side for the 4-digit 5670 through 5679 as I do with both number books I have. 

The Eve # in Oh today 6057, Now i shouldv'e waited till the next day and played these according to how my last dream came out the next day. The thing is is that that last numebr came out in the book I got my last 2 wins on, so if i did play the next day, i probably woulnd't have played in the book I was supposed to...I woulda been out more cash all because I looked over minor details. So for here on for awhile, i will be posting from both books which will be the total numbers to play to 24. I tried to keep it as low as I possibly can everytime i post and sometimes that just isn't very realistic.

24 #'s is THE MOST I, or anyone else will have to play to have a shot to win. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this gift to death, I couldn't have asked for anything better to be apart in my life because I'm not a math person(although im pretty good at it)...If it weren't for what I can do at night I woudn't even be thinking about the lottery lol, Iwouldn't know it exist.

So bare with me folks becuz I think some ppl lost money from this, I won't do this to you, myself, or anyone else again...But at the end of the day, I'm learning so much about this and really really soon I will be making my salary (and yours!) off of this...I must be patient with my self and stay completely focused.


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