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Pick 3 Straight Methods-To start with.


Straight that's where the money is, get your combos in any way that you might, yes even boxed if you want and once you have them, then arrange them for straight wins this will be easier for doubles and harder for singles, because doubles are only 3-way numbers and singles are 6 way numbers, for doulbles once you eliminate 1 of the 3 possible ways, then you are left with only 2 possible ways and when you play 1 of the 2 ways left you then have a 50/50 chance of winning straight with your doubles, but on doubles you should very often ve able to narrow the doubles down to just the 1 straight combination out of the 3 possible ones.

As to singles maybe the best that you can do is pick the 3 best or most possible combinations out of the 6 that there are and play 1 of the 3 for a straight chance of maybe about 33%, if you could narrow them down to only 2 combinations out of the 6 possible ones then you would have a 50% of winning straight with the combo(s).

This repositioning of the digits will have to be done individualy for every single number or combo just to be sure and will take some time depending on how many combos or numbers you are going to play, as I said doubles should be easier, since you are maybe using filters it might then be easier for you to do, because the filters themselves might already do some of the work for you, but you might still need to do some individual work on every single combo that is left after you do your work-out.


First of all, filters don't work every single time, they might fail much more often than they work, so that's a very good reason to try to win straight instead of box, because using filters you might not win often enough, maybe only 20% to 35% at best depending how good you are at predicting which filters might work best for the very next draw of the particular state lottery or lotteries that you want to play next.

Study the past draws of the state or states that you want to play, check the filters on past draws first and see what works and what does not, do this for many past draws, because what worked for one draw might not work for the next and what didn't work for a particular draw might work for another, try to determine which filters work best overall and how often they might work and see then if you can predict which filters might work best for particular draws after much practice and study.


As you know some states have only 1 pick 3 daily draw and others have 2 draws: early and late, also some have only pick 3 and others both: Pick 3 and pick 4, the combos and the filters will and or might behave in different ways with different state lotteries, also at different times they might behave also different for even the same state lottery and it's 1 or 2 draws, also in states with 2 pick 3 draws the filters will or might behave in different ways with each of the 2 draws.

Study the few last past draws for the particular game or games and see how the numbers and the filters are behaving and or working at present.

As I said the filters will not work every time so you have to be very carefull when using them and if you are able to position the numbers or combos to win straight, then it will not matter too much if the filters fail more than they work, because when you win you then will win straight and get very much money.

Here I have a list of past draws for a state, I will only list the doubles from most recent to oldest:

833 SDD

882 DDS

929 DSD

663 DDS

688 SDD

911 SDD

606 DSD

First the oldest 606= DSD=Double,Single,Double.

Do you see what I see? How the Double-Single pattern changes most of the time from the last double to the very next one up?

Do you know what that means?


Study the doubles of your game if they are like this then most of the time you should use for the next draw on your doubles a different D-S Patterns than there was on the last double for that state draw and game.


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