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Fluffy9999's Tail continues with NY numbers and special Message!


Last Edited: February 1, 2016, 12:51 am

     Okay, so Fluffs system has hit a bunch of numbers not posted. This is wierd as it picks numbers daily, and they can come out 6 days later of even longer. Still playing with the system to perfect it. These numbers picks coincide with other factors. Fluff picked for Monday NY numbers 524,523 very very strong with 286mid and 826 for both.you can play these picks both mid and even,but Fluff is still after 286 on the midday for straight,and it will prove out true sooner or later and pay 250 carrots for 50 bet. 524 and 523 appeared mon this date several years ago,and this is also a play for my Days system.mon is a great day for 452 for ny numbers! Also, 992,990,238,328 and 057 mid or eve,str or boxed for NY numbers.these look good!

      For win-4, ny numbers, Fluff likes 2222 mid and eve,and take note of this! for Monday,1111evening for ny Win 4 is sold out! I can see maybe a pair in the patterns, but not really clear why this number is sold out for NY win 4 evening. It take 5 million dollars of potential liability to put a liability exceeded, so a lot of folks are thinking or saw the same thing.this may be worth noting.Fluff has chased 1118 for years and is still has not surfaced.

      Fluff has gone overboard with the number of picks, and this is really not his style.He is trying to put forth good ideas so folks can win,with just a little bit of carrots. So, if you are limited,524 and 523 looks good for monday.this number is one of Fluff's all time favorites,and he hit it Twice in one day! He also hit both numbers on NY numbers one saturday and has the tickets to prove it!

      Fluff believes everyone should play the big lotteries once or twice a week for a dollar or so, like ny lotto on wed and sat, as this is not a lot for anyone to wager and it could be life - changing money. If any of you do hit big, and Fluff hopes you do, please think of all the animals, pets, and people in this world that need help.Please keep ASPCA,and animal shelters in mind,and well as local shelters for the homeless. They need help in the cold months and all year. If you are able to, please lend help to those you see that need help.Take them under your wing,and make it a project with your family to help those in need. Remember what it is like to not have a car,a winter coat, or any money in your pocket, or no toys to play with. If you are a person of faith, the pray for those in need and also do some action for them. 

     Fluff certainly hopes that beside responsibly playing the lottery, everyone keeps their brother and sisters, animal welfare, and the homeless and all others in need in mind. It certainly is the highest calling we will ever get!

      Good luck, health and happiness, and happy trails from Fluffy9999!

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