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Numbers that hit you


We could be waking up from a nights sleep , or looking at the clock at one time or another and the time hits us in the face while we are thinking of some thing or someone, and we associate that number with a person or place, and the events Keep happening, then we realize that the number is for us a sign that may or may not be there . we need to be more observant to all that is around us in everyday lives and then we will hit that number that hits us. mine is 911 and 4968 With this in mine go and let the number hit you today.

Entry #401


four4meComment by four4me - September 28, 2006, 1:59 pm
that's whats in my signature "Big John says you don't hit the number the number hits you." it took me a while to understand what he ment.

funny you should mention clock no matter if i worked day or nght shift i would wake up at 2:21 look at the clock and say why me just because 221 is my birth date and go back to sleep cause it wasen't even time to get up. It's a lousy number to play. i wish it were another time.
On another note... Someone one told me you should play the exact time you were born. because it's your lucky number.

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