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lotto purchases today


Last Edited: September 29, 2006, 1:57 pm

well there has been a flurry of things going on at my end. i got some work from the nations largest retailer doing graveyards. i then had some people come in to seattle to see the new york giants vs the seattle seahawks. my giants lost and i was ssssssssssoooooooooooo sad. the only thing that came out fo that was that we broke shaun alexanders foot. da bum. we got spanked. i got to see the post game show with howie and terry and i managed to miss the last train from the stadium. lol. i had to wait for the bus and as i was walking out of the stadium my bus went right on by. i had to wait for the next one. i had a good time talking to a season ticket holder and his girlfriend who kept telling us she had to pee. lol.


amidst all of this i am trying to switch back to being awake in the daytime. now with my buddies here and one is on the east coast and the other is from cali. they were up basically all day and night until they left on monday. after the last one got back on his plane i went and slept from 9:30 to 3:30. i woke up with a headache and had to take some tylenol. too much caffein over the weekend.


amidst this there were winners  and losers .




i had a 3 dollar win on the wa lotto, i had a 2 dollar win on the wa mega (love ya baby), and i had a 3 dollar win on the VA mega.  seems i keep winning here locally lately. so i am a happy camper about that. so i pick up two wins on the mega. that is cool and that makes me happy.


now the losers:


i lost on the wa quinto (not buying one of these for a drawing or two.), a 5 dollar quick pick on the wa lotto, a 2 dollar quick pick on the wa lotto, and 2 scratch tickets i picked up at the game that were given out for free.


the purchases:


a 10 draw 1 dollar quick pick for the wa lotto, a 10 draw 1 dollar quick pick for the wa mega, and a 5 quick pick for the wa lotto.


extra: i got two tickets to turn in for a vacation of a lifetime. i have to do something for my wife.


well before i go. i got 2 calls about work today and maybe one will come through. i need to call this other person back again about another postion.


well thank you mister mega for the 2 glourious hits. even though they may be small i do appreciate them and hope that one day i will get at least the 2nd place prize. mr power i don't know when the next one is due for you but i hope you have a nice win for me.


 well no little dancing icons because i had trouble up loading this on the 26th ofsep

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