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fluffy9999 Reports on Changing Trends in NY numbers...


   Hello again! Lately say in the past few weeks it seems as though something has changed in NY nymbers and win 4. what happens is that none of the regular numbers that you play show up, and all unfamiliar numbers come out one after another in no particular pattern. something could have changed in the mechanism that is the physical mechanism that picks the lottery number balls and things of that nature. sometimes at this point a change in strategy is necessary. Fluff still did play his 22 pairs on wed, and he did say to cut in early in one of his blogs a while back. fluff did have 225 on tues and 224 did show, but the 22 pair split and no payday on this strategy. but we still are very close to a hit with this, and it could pay off at a later time.

   fluff has some personal issues and has not been on top of the predictor system, but he will say that it does take time for some numbers to come out.take a look at  the previous blug regarding a Predictor pick that took  17 days to show! now, fluff does play out longest box and out longest straight, and feels that at times this may be the most likely way to get a good hit. Right now, take a look at these midday straight picks for NY numbers - 

                             NY Midday straight picks - 286, 150, 173, 777

                             NY evening straight picks - 471, 472, 333, 999

    at this time, in this choppy trend, it may make more sense to play this way, and play small amount with the possibility of a 250 or 500 payday!

    with the NY win 4, fluff still likes 9999 str for mid and even play, with weekend being  a good time to play! 1118 has been out box a long time and seems to have a big problem even showing boxed, and 2888, 1166, out a long time boxed also! 3366 and 5588 a possibility also!

    with all that said, Strategy may mean what do you want out of your lottery play? always make sure you have a ticket or two for the NY lotto,pick 5, and the Mega a couple of time per week! a dollar twice a week for Lotto on wed and sat is a reasonable play!

     fluff does have favorite sets of numbers for the big lotteries, half odd half even and spread across number ranges. have a couple of sets of these numbers for the big lotteries and play them on the big lottery days! or, take hot numbers off freguency charts and make a six number set wheel for a chance at the lotto jackpot!

     fluff says Do Not put a lot of stress on yourself with the lottery! take a break when you need it, and go to one of fluff9999's easy strategies for success!

     Thank you for taking the time to read fluffy's thought today! by reading this blog, Luck will come to you in the coming days! Please let me know what good events have happened for you this week. fluff would love to hear from all!

      good luck from the Magic Lottery Bunny, fluffy9999!

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