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lotto purchases today


Party yeah the party continues along with the winnings. nothing like tekno music. the perfect music to write my blog by. still no steady work BUT i feel i am getting closer every day. i am going back to world's largest retailer again to do a little more work. i am so happy they like me.

anyway let us get to the purchases and what not.

the winners:

well on my next to last powerball ticket i managed to get a 12 dollar winner. i am down to my last powerball ticket and that i won't check until december. yeah baby it is a long one. then i won again TWICE on the washington lotto. i won 3 dollars on two separate tickets. each ticket was for a different drawing.


there are none. i can say i didn't lose on this round of checking. i am getting low on my supply of tickets to check.


i purchased 2 fice  dollar quick pick tickets for the washington lottery. quinto finally went back over the 1 million level so i bought me another 10 drawing ticket. seems more people are playing quinto now because it gets up to 1 million a lot quicker now. when it resets it goes down to 300,000.

the whatnot:

i got one last entry to put into the vacation giveaway to be mailed out today. i have to mail out the one to DC today too. so i am adding to the checks i am waiting on. i am only to 214 dollars in the bank for the year. it doesn't look good to make the 600 level before the year is out. i may get close to the half way mark before the year is out. oh well there will be next year.

i have a client who is in the beginning stages of negotiating with me about doing some work. the training will be in omaha nebraska. if i go there i will be able to pick up at least three more different powerball tickets. i might even be able to get me a little lotto from illinois. just wishful thinking there. the assignment is going to be in wonderful Montana. where in montana i have no clue.

until that time mr mega and mr power please take me away from the work world. it would be nice to not have to travel for a living again.

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