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Especially for the Water Signs - Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces


    It seems fitting to me that my first ramblings here will coincide with astrological line ups during the last 10 days or so of this month that are remarkable for the Water Signs. I happen to be a Gemini but it is the Water Signs I feel greatest kinship with.  I am not and do not claim to be an astrologist. I have, however, studied for a very long time and, most importantly, have applied experience with that knowledge resulting in observations I'll share here.  When it comes to winning lottery money, no matter what your personal methods are, astrology can help, if you are willing to open the door.

  I strongly recommend that every dedicated player obtain and become familiar with the Ephemeris - basically a guide that indicates which planets are where when.  Knowing where the planets are and watching for trends can be quite profitable.  It is equally important to remember that astrology is constant motion, always changing; therefore, we must be prepared to change on the fly.  Do not let a notion become so cemented in the moment that you cannot see beyond it.  Expect the pattern to change.  Sometimes the pattern will be brief - a certain moon phase each month brings a particular number or digits repeatedly.  I can assure you the trend may be lengthy or short-lived, but will eventually change. 

  Of all the astrological signs, the Water signs tend to be most psychic with Scorpio topping the trio.  When Scorpio is in the house, we dream more and, typically, tend to remember and dwell on these dreams.  Use an ephemeris to match with your personal dream patterns. 

  Around October 23rd, Scorpio will be lining up in multiple planets at once for about 24 hours (6 planets) and for many days up to 5 planets.  During this time, Scorpions, the other Water Signs and those signs with Scorpio in favorable position in their charts may realize absolute magic.  Not every one will benefit, but everyone should be prepared, just in case.  All signs should prepare for potentially prolific dreaming (good and bad) and never will there be a better time than to ask, just before you fall asleep, for help and guidance in dreaming of winning numbers and most importantly, remembering those numbers.  As we get a little closer to these dates, I may have more specifics that I will certainly share here.

  My favorite astrological resource site is The Zodiacal Zephyr at zodiacal.com.

Entry #1


Jani NormanComment by Jani Norman - October 6, 2006, 8:58 am
thanks jake, very informative.....
Comment by c*aramel - October 6, 2006, 9:57 am
Thanks so much for posting. I am big into astrology. I am not a professional astrologer but like you have been observing and studying for quite some time. I am a Libra with Gemini rising. Most of my chart is air.
( Dont think I am an airhead lol) Anyway, I know for a fact Blackapple is on target with those full moon and new moon triples and numbers that contain 0, 1, and 2 falling during that period. We are in a full moon period right now. 217 fell in Georgia and I did hit it though in a box. I dreamed triple Zero last nite so I am going at that hot and heavy today. Please feel free to send me a private message.
emilygComment by emilyg - October 6, 2006, 1:24 pm
thanks - i'm a scorpio
justxploringComment by justxploring - October 6, 2006, 3:45 pm
Thanks for the info and the link. I am a Pisces.
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - April 8, 2007, 9:34 am
I am scorpio.
I will be marking my calender for before during and after Oct 23 for some intuitive plays for jackpot games.

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