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August 10, 2010, 9:27 amJunk Mail Revenge and Helping the USPS

  Not my idea, but just read a great editorial by Zac Bissionnette - All those big banks that are living off taxpayer's dime (including their bailout bonuses) send out probably hundreds of thousands of credit card offers with those handy and helpful SASE's for your thoughtful return of the application, paperwork, etc.

So, why not remove any reference to you (name, postal code, etc.,) and just mail the blank paperwork back to the bank - The USPS needs the money and big banks need a little more motivation to do the right thing.

  Upon personal reflection, wouldn't this work for most junk mail offers that include a SASE?   Again, caution with making certain all personal references are removed.   My thought would just be a blank piece of paper with smiley face stickers or some such nonsense.

   Well, they are the ones that asked - I have a right to respond, don't I???   And so, I think, do you!   Yes Nod

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October 5, 2009, 11:07 amAnother Dream

   Another plane dream but different.  This time, I observer and participant.   I seemed to be walking with part of a flight crew through perhaps an airport.  Fast forward to watching some amazing type of plane land.   I've never seen anything like this, real or fantasy, but the plane came straight down nose first and then pulled back slightly allowing the nose/<snip>pit part of plane (shaped like a point, of course) to touchdown at which point the back of the plane flexed as though there was a joint that connected the rest of the plane to the <snip>pit.  Ultimately the flexibility allowed the plane to land at what appeared to be very high speed although I think it was a bumpy ride down :)

The good news, no crash! 

  Now why am I dreaming again about airplanes?  Specifically, it seems, airplanes that are coming to a stop.   I know the reason will be revealed to me in due course but I've ruled out stuff like over-saturation in the media or reading.  I have not watched anything related to airplanes recently.

   Time will tell.  I pray it's all good.  J 

   (Oh yes - HELLO OCTOBER!!!!!)

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September 22, 2009, 5:10 amDreaming in the time of Scorpio

  I know without even looking that Scorpio is in the moon mix somewhere this early 9/22 morn.  I belong to an old school that says to speak a dream is to see it not come to fruition.  Truth be told, I speak very few of my dreams.   I have posted, especially since 2001, about specific dreams involving travel.   If I look at all things objectively and without bias, I would have to report that several factors are at play - I am mentally and approaching physically exhausted with work, have seen a September so jam packed with ups and downs that I'm dizzy from the ride (not to mention stressed), and I have been 'warned' repeatedly that the next week or so is absolutely, positively, without question not the time to travel anywhere.   Now, we know how much extraneous stuff affects our dreams and, with all that said, I'm about to do something I virtually never, ever do.  I am going to speak a dream publically.

  I was an observer, real or perhaps only in the spirit of the dream, in an observation tower-type setting, high above a very congested area. This was not a typical wide-open space airport or landing area as there were structures of all sizes all around, as if a city literally was built around an airport.  There was a woman speaking as if she were answering queries as a group of people watched events unfold. She was pointing out a specific passenger plane that was descending in flight as if to land.  I was not hearing the questions or remarks, only her answers.  The focus was on the specific plane and she was saying that unlike a prior plane that had apparently crashed (historically), this plane was "high enough" for it not to have the same problem.

  The plane came down but did crash.  What I saw was it went nose into the runway tipping tail up almost vertically into the air.  What I saw in conjunction with this was explosion and fire but not from the plane but rather structures nearby.  Then I believe there was another explosion in yet another structure which may or may not have been in the same airport.

   I was responsive to these events.  As I watched the plane land and crash, I repeatedly said "no, no, no."  I then forced myself to wake up as I did not want to see any more.  I did not see a single identifying flight number, street sign, runway number, nothing which tells me this may be a message dream of a different kind.

   This dream was very graphic, very real, like a movie.   Now, for the good news.  I do not dream about disasters typically in real time, real event fashion.  I do dream the events to come but the dream requires interpretation and is typically not a graphic reenactment of the event.   I've been dreaming a long time so my sanity remains intact because I'm normally pretty good with the interpretations.   My state of mind at the moment makes me worry about this dream.   Metaphorically speaking, my interpretation would be to take whatever aspect of a life that is a virtual train wreck and understand that unless you take control, events will unfold before you exactly as they have before.  In other words, once a financial/relationship/emotional/physical/etc train wreck, always a train wreck unless behavior is changed.  Scorpio does bring psychic awareness and opens doors that normally stay closed. However, the stinging one also can take us a little too far into the dark places once in a while.  I'll bet some of my friends are dreaming strongly now too.

  I am going to document, as I always try to do, more details from this dream as I recall them.  Now I must turn my attention back to work as we are 2.5 people down which adds up to my covering.  My waking time dream is that I wake up and it's October already!   Bed  to  Type

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June 12, 2009, 11:31 amHey all you GA Dog Lovers (esp Gwinnett Co)

     To all wonderful GA folk - the animal shelter at Lawrenceville has a whole gaggle of outstandingly wonderful dogs, brand name and generic, that are desperately trying to find new loving digs - including a pair of GORGEOUS Marley's - a boy and girl - who were owner surrendered and really, really need help asap.


      Please - if you are looking for a dog or know someone who is, check out the shelter dogs at Lawrenceville (they are online too with pictures!).


        Thanks for any help and for considering a shelter dog.     Jake   Blue Angel

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April 3, 2008, 12:10 pmNot an Oprah fan, but watch on Friday 4th for Puppy Mills

    Based on the quality of the PA rescue that was involved in the filming of Oprah's April 4th show, I would recommend you make an effort to watch or tape and watch later if:

   You don't have a clue about puppy mills (and would like to have a clue).

    You want a dog and are considering buying from a breeder or considering paying a price (other than adoption fee or donation) for any dog, any breed, any age, anywhere in the USA. (another option - research Petfinders who currently have 250,000 puppies and adult dogs profiled that are up for adoption).

    I'm sure that there will be some "taming" of the film footage but I would advise caution if you are extremely sensitive to the plight of animals.   I add this because after 20+ years of conditioning, I still become distressed to the point of being physically ill under certain circumstances, certain "triggers" that are my special torment.  If you have a young child that is likewise very sensitive about animals, I'm not real sure I'd let them watch and certainly not alone.  I have no way of knowing how far the filming about mills will go, but I wouldn't want to take that chance.

   This is not about liking or disliking Oprah.  She has a venue which reaches the people that need to get a clue about this and I applaud the effort.  I am also not a fan of the State of PA lawmakers, politicians, etc., with regard to how they are dealing with animal problems in PA.  However, as I've pointed out before, there are wonderful people in PA who are doing the right thing and many good rescues operating.  I salute every rescue that is working toward stopping the insanity of abuse, neglect, and out of control breeding and population.

                    Yes, I know, there is a lot of insanity in the world every day.  I also know that every day in this country, maybe in your neighborhood, a dog stops a burgler, a rapist, a murderer.  Dogs are helping heal hearts and bodies, protecting our men and women in foreign countries and our police officers and civilians on our own dirt. They find heroin and coke and bombs. They search to find our lost loved ones.   If you've ever owned a dog that you know would die for you if necessary, you know that there is no more unconditional loyalty to be found in this world.

                     I also know that every 9 seconds a dog dies in a shelter.  These words don't make me sick.  They break my heart.  We can do better. Even if it's just 1 dog at a time.

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March 26, 2008, 5:11 amCash that smells like pot equals probable cause

    Did you see the news about the guy in, I think, Wis, who deposited $4000 in the bank and when a teller handled the money and smelled something funny ended up calling police who ended up going to the guy's house, finding a bag of pot and arresting him?

  This bothers me on several levels.  I read an article once about random forensic examination of paper money. The results were pretty wild - almost all of the paper money in circulation has cocaine residue that can be transferred to body of the person handling it well after it leaves the source.  Cocaine was only 1 of a lot of things on the money - some you probably would rather not know about.  Actually, if you handle large volumes of paper money in particular, I'd carry a perpetual supply of antibacterial wipes. 

  If the money was covered in blood or smelled of bitter almonds or a white powdery substance that might be terrorism-related, I can see a bank employee making the call.    Isn't our money scrutinized enough?  I understand (even if I don't like) the reasons why our banking habits are tracked and why some things automatically trigger Federal involvement. 

  Of course I understand the man may be a dealer but they are reporting the search of his home turned up a bag of pot.  My impression is that we're not talking pounds but an ounce.  Apparently the gentleman was on probation for something and this did constitute a violation and that was the grounds use for arresting him.  Also, being on probation negates need for a search warrant in most cases, so he had forfeited that right up front.  I'm not in a position to judge this man either way - he clearly put himself in a bad position either prior to or at the time of the money deposit.

       Even still, this just does not sit right with me.  I tried to put myself in the position of the bank teller.  If I found the money offensive because of smell, I'm sure banks have a procedure to despose/replace paper money that is "damaged."  The money by smell could not possibly have constituted a threat of any kind.  Maybe with homeland security and the depth and breadth to which those rules goes, there is some bank rule for employees that they have to report anything they find odd or suspicious.  Maybe someone here at LP is a bank employee and can shed some light for me. 

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March 10, 2008, 5:30 pmCongrats to Utah!

    Utah has passed the law that makes torturing a cat or dog a felony.

    It took years to bring this to fruition.  What it really took, apparently, was thousands of people teaming with phone calls, letters, and emails to elected officials saying "It's time."

    Who are the top 5 worst states for domestic animal protection/laws in 2007? 

                                                            Utah - Alaska - Kentucky - North Dakota - Arkansas.

    The top 5 best states -                          California - Illinois - Maine - Oregon - Michigan.

    From the worst 5, the biggest surprise for me was Utah, home of the Best Friends sanctuary.

    The least surprising was Arksansas - don't even get me started. 

    The most surprising state not on the worst list was Pennsylvania, although it is ranked near the bottom of all the other states.  If I lived in PA (which I did once briefly near the WV border), I'd probably be in jail, and I'm not a radical.

      This info is all public - available from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  In fact, if you really want to know where your state ranks or more specifics, they have it.

      Let me say this clearly: I am not slamming the good residents of any state.  I suspect many residents of many states have no clue what the laws are with regard to domestic animals.  Shouldn't the laws of any state be by the people, for the people?  Recently, I commented about the response of a GA elected official who felt that strengthening the laws that protect animals would add to the over-burdened prison system in GA needlessly. Really?  Maybe he missed the various statistics about how individuals known to abuse animals go on to hurt humans.  This is some of the most documented pathological behavior out there - animal abusers studied move forward to behavior that hurts humans.  Even if a person had not a shred of compassion for a dog or cat, surely they can see the logic in potential prevention of crimes against people.  There are so few times when law enforcement can proactively do anything to protect the public.  I guess I should not be too surprised - look at how long it has taken to strengthen domestic/elder abuse laws. 

    One huge hurdle to overcome will take many, many like and great minds to overcome.  Ever had someone tell you that if you didn't like a law, you should get it changed?  Until we figure out how to designate animals as less than human but more than property, most states will stay confounded in their legislative efforts.  There has to be a way.


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February 22, 2008, 2:10 pmNew Virus Warning - tech people please comment!

   I am not and have never professed to be a techie, but the following really caught my attention. I do work online and this scares the heck out of me.

  According to word on the internet, a new virus which will be spread via email with the words "POSTCARD" or "INVITATION" in the title.  According to what I read, this virus potentially will burn your C drive.

  I went to snopes.com and it is discussed there as a real virus.  Most importantly, the email will be from someone you know enhancing the odds that you will open it. 

  If anyone has further info, please comment.  My understanding is that this virus has just been detected and there is no cure yet. 

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February 2, 2008, 9:46 amSix in GA said no


   Six men and women in GA, elected individuals serving the best needs of their constituents, have voted 'No' to HB301 which amends existing laws regarding dog fighting.  Coincidentally, HB301 had 6 sponsors.

    To paraphrase one gentleman from Macon, dog fighting is such a big part of black communities in Georgia that the new penalties proposed would be excessive.  After all, there are already apparently 60,000 GA residents in prison and this is not a good enough reason to add more. 

    Really?  Sounds terribly familiar - words uttered by athletes and friends of Mr. Vicks in the limelight of his arrest.    Tougher laws to knock down supply and demand of an activity that hurts far, far more than animals are just not a good enough reason to potentially increase the inmate population? (By the way, if you read the bill, it becomes apparent that actual jail time is pretty much for the repeat offender).    The 6 nay Reps hail from Austell, Cassville, Marietta, Metro Atlanta, etc. 

    I know HB301 needs some tweaking - the House of Representatives has certainly noted this, and I could understand a dissenting vote due to wording flaws - it happens every day.   I think it will still change in the Senate as it moves on. 

    That said, I still find the comments of said Representative above stunningly offensive on several levels.   Is there truth in his words?   Yes, I'm sorry to say there is truth to be found.   But it is half-truth from tunnel vision speaking from complacency.   Dog fighting crosses every ethnic boundary - whether spectators or participants. 

    As a result of GA's work on HB301, other states, including DE and Maryland are now looking at the laws they have in place. 

   Small important steps.  Thanks Georgia.





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February 1, 2008, 12:00 pmThe China Syndrome


  There is a media story coming from our great neighbor to north about a nuclear safety head honcho being fired because she refused to let a reactor be fired up after maintenance because all safety guidelines were not met.  So, the government convenes and makes legislation to make it happen anyway (an offline reactor is a big money deal, anywhere in the world), while simultaneously watchdogs get hearings scheduled to see what the heck is going on.  Apparently hours before she was to testify, the woman holding up progress is fired, a move the government says was justified because she was not resolving the "crisis." 

  This woman was not a whistleblower - it was her JOB to make the call she made.  Nuclear safety regulations are in place for a reason .... do the words Love Canal, Chernobyl.. mean anything to anyone?  We are complacent, again, and how quickly we forget. 

  While, in another lifetime, I have history with safety engineering (carbon fuels), a story comes to mind that I have never forgotten.  I was in a remote hospital in the nether regions of WV/PA in training.  This was a 2 or 3 story building in a remote hillside area.  All the hospital rooms on 1 side looked out onto countryside far and wide towards Pittsburgh and the Allegheny/Monongahela Rivers.  I was interviewing a patient, a man with decades of work under his belt in the area.  At 1 point during the interview as we talked in front of the windows, he looked out and said "Oh my God."  In the distance from my eye was the same scene we had looked at all morning.... countryside, stacks in the distance, various plumes of steam and smoke that rise every day with the operation of the mills and other operations in the area.  Of course, I asked him if he was okay, did I need to get the nurse, but he was focused on something out of that window.  He asked me if I saw a particular color plume of smoke in the distance, and I said yes, of course.  He said something to the effect that if I was truly interested in safety, I needed to get in my truck and get to that smoke.  He said I would have to hurry because roads would soon be blocked entering the site and absolutely no one would be let in. 

    This gentleman was absolutely right in his observation.  There was a nuclear "incident" and it was quickly contained and swept away without a lot of hype.  In fact, I learned later that it was classified a major incident but not quite a disaster, so it went away fairly quickly.  Had the gentleman not informed me, I would have thought it was just another bad accident up on the highway.

    What I've never forgotten was the look on his face.  It reminds me now that we depend on the knowledge of a few to protect us from bad, bad stuff.  I think the woman fired deserves a medal for standing up and doing her job.  Just my humble opinion.

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January 30, 2008, 1:03 pmThe MV Dogs Progress at BF

    For JXP, AngelM, Emily, Chippie, and all the other animal lovers here at LP, the BF site has just done their first major press release on the MV dogs.  The dogs were in "witness protection" in each of the rescues until the last legal battle was done, and little to no public exposure was permitted.  The legal issue that impacted the dogs is now over, apparently.

    If you can bear the faces with battle scars, you can see pure joy.  I'm still trying also to get copies of the NatGeo series.


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January 26, 2008, 8:21 amNow Sumter did win, sort of

  Now the word is that Seimens is going to donate an MRI to Sumter while awarding the voted for MRI to the NY Hospital.

      I held my tongue but felt strongly this would happen.  I think Seimens just avoided a world of bad press, no matter how fair the outcome actually was or was not.    Actually, this may have been Seimen's plan all along as they probably felt no other hospital could muster the talley that Sumter's situation could. 

       Though many conspiracy theories were already circulating on the web, no official word yet what happened with the actual vote.  I am aware Sumter met all the criteria to be included in the voting because facilities that did not were weeded out as they applied.  Sumter's web page is reporting the "charitable" contribution of Seimens but not a word about what happened otherwise.


Last Edited: January 26, 2008, 8:27 am

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January 25, 2008, 3:31 pmSumter Did not Win

  Sumter did not win the MRI.  There's all kind of speculation apparently but the bottom line is that Sumter did not win.

    I don't know what to think personally.  I'm sure Sumter will release a statement at some point explaining what Seimen's explanation was. 

      Thank everyone again for trying so hard.

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January 11, 2008, 3:59 pmNext Dogtown on NatGeo tonight

    This one is especially up my alley as it's about second chances for dogs that don't usually get second chances.  That could be my mantra.  First airing they registered 2.8 million viewers  - I don't know how they do that but that's what they are reporting.  Apparently, that's a good number. 

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January 10, 2008, 1:46 pmAnother K9 Unit death

  Another sad report, this one hitting close to home after a 17-year-old Delaware teenager was leading police on a chase in Kentucky and slammed into a police car stopped on the side of the road, killing the officer and the K9, King, inside.  The teens in the car ran after stealing appr $40 worth of gas.  I asked our local news to pick up on this and try to get more details.

  The earlier K9 death was in Coronado, CA, when another chase stopped on a bridge and a drunk driver picked up the GSD and jumped over the rail, killing the dog.  All officers were uninjured in this incident.  There is speculation, which I have not confirmed, that the dog, Stryker, broke the fall impact and save the life of the drunk.  The drunk in question apparently had also put many lives at risk before police were involved and might have gone on to kill someone had things not culminated on the bridge.



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