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Dreaming in the time of Scorpio


  I know without even looking that Scorpio is in the moon mix somewhere this early 9/22 morn.  I belong to an old school that says to speak a dream is to see it not come to fruition.  Truth be told, I speak very few of my dreams.   I have posted, especially since 2001, about specific dreams involving travel.   If I look at all things objectively and without bias, I would have to report that several factors are at play - I am mentally and approaching physically exhausted with work, have seen a September so jam packed with ups and downs that I'm dizzy from the ride (not to mention stressed), and I have been 'warned' repeatedly that the next week or so is absolutely, positively, without question not the time to travel anywhere.   Now, we know how much extraneous stuff affects our dreams and, with all that said, I'm about to do something I virtually never, ever do.  I am going to speak a dream publically.

  I was an observer, real or perhaps only in the spirit of the dream, in an observation tower-type setting, high above a very congested area. This was not a typical wide-open space airport or landing area as there were structures of all sizes all around, as if a city literally was built around an airport.  There was a woman speaking as if she were answering queries as a group of people watched events unfold. She was pointing out a specific passenger plane that was descending in flight as if to land.  I was not hearing the questions or remarks, only her answers.  The focus was on the specific plane and she was saying that unlike a prior plane that had apparently crashed (historically), this plane was "high enough" for it not to have the same problem.

  The plane came down but did crash.  What I saw was it went nose into the runway tipping tail up almost vertically into the air.  What I saw in conjunction with this was explosion and fire but not from the plane but rather structures nearby.  Then I believe there was another explosion in yet another structure which may or may not have been in the same airport.

   I was responsive to these events.  As I watched the plane land and crash, I repeatedly said "no, no, no."  I then forced myself to wake up as I did not want to see any more.  I did not see a single identifying flight number, street sign, runway number, nothing which tells me this may be a message dream of a different kind.

   This dream was very graphic, very real, like a movie.   Now, for the good news.  I do not dream about disasters typically in real time, real event fashion.  I do dream the events to come but the dream requires interpretation and is typically not a graphic reenactment of the event.   I've been dreaming a long time so my sanity remains intact because I'm normally pretty good with the interpretations.   My state of mind at the moment makes me worry about this dream.   Metaphorically speaking, my interpretation would be to take whatever aspect of a life that is a virtual train wreck and understand that unless you take control, events will unfold before you exactly as they have before.  In other words, once a financial/relationship/emotional/physical/etc train wreck, always a train wreck unless behavior is changed.  Scorpio does bring psychic awareness and opens doors that normally stay closed. However, the stinging one also can take us a little too far into the dark places once in a while.  I'll bet some of my friends are dreaming strongly now too.

  I am going to document, as I always try to do, more details from this dream as I recall them.  Now I must turn my attention back to work as we are 2.5 people down which adds up to my covering.  My waking time dream is that I wake up and it's October already!   Bed  to  Type

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