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Another Dream


   Another plane dream but different.  This time, I observer and participant.   I seemed to be walking with part of a flight crew through perhaps an airport.  Fast forward to watching some amazing type of plane land.   I've never seen anything like this, real or fantasy, but the plane came straight down nose first and then pulled back slightly allowing the nose/<snip>pit part of plane (shaped like a point, of course) to touchdown at which point the back of the plane flexed as though there was a joint that connected the rest of the plane to the <snip>pit.  Ultimately the flexibility allowed the plane to land at what appeared to be very high speed although I think it was a bumpy ride down :)

The good news, no crash! 

  Now why am I dreaming again about airplanes?  Specifically, it seems, airplanes that are coming to a stop.   I know the reason will be revealed to me in due course but I've ruled out stuff like over-saturation in the media or reading.  I have not watched anything related to airplanes recently.

   Time will tell.  I pray it's all good.  J 

   (Oh yes - HELLO OCTOBER!!!!!)

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xthundercat2003Comment by xthundercat2003 - October 6, 2009, 6:17 am
dream interpretation
meaning of dream
We received an interesting amount of mail about dreams containing planes and plane crashes. It appears that people often dream about being in a plane crash, witnessing a crash, or being bombed or shot at from planes. Airplanes, like all other vehicles, symbolize a portion of your life's journey. The part of your life which is represented is usually a memory, material from your unconscious mind, or something that is physically far away from you. Since we use planes to travel to places that are far away, the logical progression of this interpretation is that the airplane is symbolic of an event, individuals, or emotions that are either in the past, physically apart from you, or deep in the unconscious and far from conscious thought. Disturbing dreams in which you are being bombed or where you see a bloody crash scene may be trying to bring up issues and feelings that have been buried in the unconscious mind (from the past or the present) but are still powerful and disturbing to the dreamer. The more powerful, vivid, and disturbing this dream is, the greater the necessity to interpret and obtain a satisfactory meaning, 810 = 210 = 538 = 701
soothsayerComment by soothsayer - December 4, 2009, 9:34 pm
Yes Jake, I feel you are in for an "awakening". You were an "observer and participant". You get to see what you are doing and what you are doing wrong at the same time. As a Pisces, who all to well can relate to the "bumpy ride" I can relate to what you are feeling. You are with the leaders(In the plane). You were able to keep a plane(in nosedive) from crashing. Was it the "crew" that helped you to be safely grounded ? Was it the flexibility within that saved you ? Keep looking. You will find it ! Good Health and Good Luck.

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