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Reverse Key 3 digits... String 3..continuous


Last Edited: October 7, 2006, 12:14 am



   A few years ago I had some good success with this method .....even before I posted about it on Systems forum more than 3 months ago.

 There are many side system helpers that go with this method. I may talk about them in open forum or Systems forum later .....or perhaps just let it play out here.

   My offical name for this method of tracking for the connected repeating 3 digits in several draws is ..... "The String 3 digits"  These are not... just the hot digits but must be connected in an un broken String.

 This method has gone on to be used in at least 2 new software systems with limited success ...... because it is being used in a limited form as it stands. At any rate .... it does work better than anything before. 

  It is more useful when used along side another Method of mine.... called the "Key Three" or tardy digits. Those digits that are not only cold but have cetain minimum time requirements attached to them.   

              They can hide one thing for a long time .....and maybe 2 things.....but they can't hide 3 things very long..... thats aganist the law ! LOL

                                                                            Win  d 

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