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lotto purchases today


well i checked my washington lotto and it was a loser. sadly it breaks a little streak i got going with the washington lotto. i have won on my last 2 tickets for the washington lotto on the multidraw. so maybe back to my losing ways on the washington lotto?

i went and got me another washington lotto multidraw ticket. i kept it down to a 1 dollar 10 draw ticket. i don't have the money to play a quick pick along with my picks.

i got a call from my cousin out of the blue. he was passing through connecticut and wanted to know if i wanted a lotto ticket from there. i told him hell yean and i wanted a multidraw ticket from powerball there. i don't know if he got it for me or not. if he gets it for me it will take me into january further than the nebraska ticket. i can't remember how many drawings in a row you can play in connecticut. it has been sometime since i walked the streets of greenwich connecticut. so my fingers are crossed. i don't have the money but i will have to figure out how to pay him so the money will be mine and not his. hehehehehe.

different subject. i got on in time to get to the chat room here at lottery post. i went in and wanted to chat with anyone about 6 digit and multistate games. well i was sadly updated that that everyone talking tonight was talking about pick 3 and pick 4 lottos. bummer. no one wanted to talk about any other lotto at all. i wish i could open up a different room to talk about the classic lotto in michigan, the pick in arizonia, the quinto in washington, and my favs power and mega.

what do you think? i know everyone plays different games but there thousands of members now and someone must like playing these games. i would like to talk to others of the same flavor as myself. i know the odds are terrible for powerball and megamillions. still there are stories to be told. there are a few people on here who has won big on those games and want to talk on here too.

we could start a thread but they die out after a while. i would like to keep somekind of conversation about all things pick 6 and above. i just can't afford to play the pick 3 and pick 4 and i don't want to. if i had a 100,000 to play every day on pick 3 or pick 4. i would rather give it to charity than play it on those games. so those are my thoughts. what are your thoughts.

mr mega be nice to one of my friends who read this blog so they can be nice to me. mr power please be nice to one of the readers of this blog so they can be nice to me. oh yes please be nice to me too to the point that i can figure out some kind of way to be nice to some of the people here who read my post. so somebody win and think of me too.

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TheTruthComment by TheTruth - October 24, 2006, 1:39 am
p3 and p4 are very popular games, and I feel for your situation about not having very many people relate to your choice of games. There is lot's of money to be made in numbers games if you know what it is that you are doing (myself for ex., emilyg, lottomike to name few). From your blogs you seem to win quite alot, your time for a bigger win is due anytime now, just keep doing what your doing with the higher stakes games.
starchild_45Comment by starchild_45 - October 24, 2006, 12:34 pm
thetruth is you speak the truth. i see the hand writing on the wall about high stakes lotto games. i don't go to the chat room anymore because all they want to talk about is pick 3 and pick 4. i don't mind people playing those games i just want to talk about the other games. the games that bring a smile to my face even when i have lost 8 times in a row. the one time i did play the pick 3 i won 80 dollars. still it was a hollow win and i didn't get any joy out of it. i hope you are right about a bigger win is due for me. looking real good for me not to make the 600 dollars for the year. well anyway looking for more comments here about pick 6 games.

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