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104.2% Increase


I just looked at my health premium increase and it is 104.2%!  Yes, that is correct, One Hundred Four point Two Percent!

I also looked at subsidized vs non subsidized plans and found this -

A person making 47,600 gets no subsidy and has $32,000 in premiums and out of pocket for 2017

47,600 - 32000 = $15,600 net income for 2017

A person making 16,450 and getting a full subsidy has $2800  in premiums and out of pocket for 2017

16450 -2800 = $13,650 net income for 2017!

Your Mileage in your insurance district in your state will vary.

Talk about furthering the dems plans to eradicate the middle class!

First Clinton signs the trade deals and ships our jobs out of country and now Obama comes along with extremely oppressive government policy and smashes the middle class more.  We can't afford to find out how another Clinton is going to smash the American Middle class yet again!

Clearly the Dems want government of the people by the elite insiders for the elite insiders!

Oh and not to mention that my utility bills have more than doubled under Obama too.

Entry #23


emilygComment by emilyg - November 1, 2016, 4:31 pm
This long time democrat is not voting for D's.

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