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Political Motivation


I realize that by now, most of you who read this were assuming to see something funny and/or entertaining. I apologize in advance.


First, I am typically not one to be telling folks they should go vote. Truth be told, the only reason I even registered to vote (9 years ago) was because my Wife threatened me (hey, when the wife threatens to hold out, I do as I am told, occasionally). Today, I encourage everyone to vote. That includes not only the Republicans (stop counting your money, it’s not going anywhere, oh wait, unless the Democrats win, but that’s a different issue), but also the Libertarians (if they can stop smoking long enough to look past their noses) and yeah, you too Democrats (ok, so we are not all perfect). (pssst…your suppose to at least smile now)


In Georgia, more so then in regards to who is running is the matter of Imminent Domain. The revision is not as stringent as it needs to be, but perhaps it will help reduce the abuse several Cities are attempting to do with the current law.


I hope that it basically doesn’t matter what political view you have, but together, we must put some restraint upon the State. The Government, no matter if it is local, state or federal, should never ever be allowed the right to take somebody’s hard earned property and turn it over to a developer for the sole reason of increasing their local tax base. Because the only one who profits is the Developer when it is all said and done.


Sometimes, I think we all forget, this is supposed to be a Government for the People and by the People. And sometimes, I think the Politicians need to be reminded of that. So even if you write in Mickey Mouse in place of the candidate, go vote at least for the Laws that are going to impact your way of life.


Take care and have fun folks.

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emilygComment by emilyg - November 7, 2006, 1:19 pm
yes!!! in case you want to know - democrat.
SirMetroComment by SirMetro - November 7, 2006, 1:49 pm
Why Ms. Emily...I figured you to be way too nice to be a Democrat...oh wait, it's the Republicans that are mean...nevermind

justxploringComment by justxploring - November 7, 2006, 6:42 pm
The problem I had was understanding exactly what some of the issues were, so I had to read a lot ahead of time. The question of eminent domain was also on the FL ballot.

**Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to prohibit the transfer of private property taken by eminent domain to a natural person or private entity, providing that the Legislature may by general law passed by a three-fifths vote of the membership of each house of the Legislature permit exceptions allowing the transfer of such private property; and providing that this prohibition on the transfer of private property taken by eminent domain is applicable if the petition of taking that initiated the condemnation proceeding was filed on or after January 2, 2007.**

I guess a YES vote keeps the cities from taking your land and giving it to a developer, but I sometimes wish the questions on election day were a little more straightforward. That's why I always use the dummy ballot before I go to vote. It also saves a lot of time. The voting machines were very easy to use, but I didn't get a receipt! I just bought a car and the sales manager promised me I got new brake pads. The new tires I requested I can see, but not the brakes (unless I remove the wheels.) This is how I feel about electronic voting.
SirMetroComment by SirMetro - November 8, 2006, 1:22 pm
Well, it passed here. I reckon it just means that the Developer will have to grease a few extra hands when he/she decides to take someone's property. Hopefully, greed will make it too expensive to grease all the right hands. I guess it's sad I don't expect honesty from the Politicians. Kind of like what my Dad once told a man who was running for Sheriff. My Dad said "Son, your a good boy right now, but you will not be worth a dime when you get out". Sadly, he went straight from office to Jail for a few years. Go figure.

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