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lotto purchases today


thechno i love!!

 well i went into internet access hell. i stayed at a holiday inn and they had no support for laptop users having a problem. so all i could do was read my emails off my phone. i didn't respond to them because i can't use the phone keyboard for typing. arrrrrrggggghhhh. i won't name the specific hoiday inn because i like the chain and this hotel was nice except for that one problem.

well i am still working on limited funds and i got sent to PA again. the downside i got sent there late on a saturday after the drawing for night. i was due to leave their before thursday so i couldn't get another powerball ticket.

well i picked up a 26 drawing powerball ticket without the powerplay. the ticket is good until february sometime. so now i got 2 PA powerball tickets. hoorah.

i don't travel with cash on me accept to play lotto anymore when i travel. well the work i was going to be doing on tuesday i knew i was not going anywhere for a long long time that day. so the day before i went to this local store and they didn't take any cards. well when you are in a small town you have to do what the locals do. so i had to go and get money out my bank account to get some munchies for the next day. well that left me with 11 dollars leftorver. hmmm i wonder what i can do with that money.

well the last day of work i had some time and i wanted another lotto ticket. i was just too far from a state border to make a run. so i decided to get me a pick 6 ticket from PA. well this truckstop had an automated machine and i couldn't figure out how to get a multidraw ticket. so i put my money back in my wallet. i drove into the town and went back to the same store i got the powerball ticket and told the young lady what i wanted. she didn't know how to do it either but she said she would figure it out. what she ended up doing was giving me 5 separate quick pick tickets for the pick 6 for the next 5 drawings. all the numbers are different. so i will have to check everyone separately. i checked online and the jackpot for that was 950,000 dollars. oh yes i could use that. so i need to find me some time to check the drawing for yesterday for the pick 6. i know i didn't win the jackpot but maybe something else!!!

well i have to get caught up on some other things like getting a job and paying some bills.

ok mister power i am in tight with you for some time to come and it would be nice if you would be do nice to give me a nice win and take me away from the work world. mister mega you too can take me away from the work world. when you hit 100 million i think i am going to go back to my regular ticket for you. just so you can take me away from the work world. thank you.

peace with afro grease.

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