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lotto purchases today


some kind of name for a song.

well the first of my PA match6 tickets are starting to come due. i had to look up how to play this game. several ways to win and i managed to lose them all. lol. i was half my way through a ticket that was going to pay but half way doesn't count. so we have another loser!!

while checking this out i found that you could play the same numbers all the way through for 26 drawings too. i didn't have the money to but a ticket like that but it is nice to know that.

it is nice to have these tickets from PA because i was getting down to just checking the washington lotto tickets. now the way things have fallen out is that i have all these long tickets and nothing to check. so there won't be no long gaps of no blog postings.

i do have a washington lottery ticket to check. i like walking into the store to check these rather than do it on line. plus i can get me another ticket when i check it and i like getting money when i get a winner.

i ran into a lotto buddy of mine. he was in the local safeway getting a scratch ticket. he has some luck on the scratch off games. he wins a 500 dollar hit at least once a year. he plays the megamillion too and i was whining to him about my situation. he said he would pay off my house when he won the megamillion tonight. well he didn't win and my house is still here waiting on my little money.

dc lottery is becoming a frustrating thing for me now. i sent my ticket to them and wanted to get  a signature and i was told i had the wrong address for this to happen. the post office said they figured it out but there was no one to sign for it and they left a notice. i am trying to get the post office to send it back to me. a winning ticket lost in the mail. arrrrrggggghhhhh.

well mr mega you are coming up soon. you are getting close to 100 million. i think i will buy another mega million ticket when you cross 100 million to go along with my other megamillion ticket. mr power you are good until february and i am looking forward to checking up on you when i get a ticket i can check. still i want both of you guys to take me away from the work world. especially my lovely wife who works so hard when i can't find work. plus let some of my readers win enough to help me out too.


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