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Mega Million Lottery Pool Game 29


Quote for the Game

The greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fall.
- Confucius

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  You could not have had a worse one that me.

You will notice that I’m getting out your 1st newsletter late. I’m typing it 8:44 p.m. on Friday Night.  I purchase all our tickets on Thanksgiving. 

Let me start from the beginning. I usually work Sunday thru Thursday.  So this week, I was originally scheduled to work Sunday thru Wednesday.  I felt that I would have plenty of time to buy the tickets and get newsletters out for this game, Game 28, Die Hard Multi-Lottery Pool Game XI, and my new game Lotto Texas Lottery Pool – 1st Game.

I called in on Sunday, and volunteer to work Friday to make up my time.  I tried to start this newsletter on Thanksgiving.  I made no plans for Thanksgiving so I could get all this done.  (This will not happen on the next game, sick or not I will be going to work.)

Now believe or not, that was not the biggest thing, we recently installed Adobe 7.0.  Adobe high jacked our printer.  I use to get a screen called HP Director.  The Director would give me options as to whether I wanted to scan, print with several other options.  The Director is gone.  Now Adobe has their own scanning software, and Photoshop and it only scans items into a .TTF format.  You need Adobe to open those scans.  I was unable to get it to save in other format.  I could not rename the files, nor move the files.

I wasted a whole day trying to undo what Adobe did.  Now, I can only print, I am unable to scan anything.

Scanner or not, I bought the tickets, the game will go on.  My plans are to e-mail this newsletter and updates and I will just need to copy the tickets and then give them out to people (mail copies to my out of state members)  In the mean time, I did type up all the numbers into a chart and will include with this 1st mailing.

Rules for playing in Mega Million Lottery Pool – Game 29


1.  This is NOT an investment club, it’s a Lottery Pool.  Any money that is below $600.00 is picked up by me and I purchase more tickets for the group.

Amount Redeemable at: $599 or less

$600 to $999,999

$1 million or more


2. I purchased these tickets in Texas, so they must be redeemed in Texas.  This is a multi-state lottery, so there are other claim centers in the United States.  But, if the ticket is purchase in one state (Texas) it must be claimed in that state (Texas).  Therefore I have to follow all the rules of Texas.  You can check these rules at www.txlottery.org.

3. This game will start on Friday November 25, 2006. The original tickets will expire after the drawing on December 26th, 2006.  The same numbers you play in first drawing will the same numbers you will have until the end of the game. 

4. You should always get at least one update from me weekly.  If you have e-mail that is how you will always hear from me.  If you don’t have an e-mail account, I will give you paper copies. (This does cost me, so there is a charge of $5.00 to receive paper copies.) 

5. In the event we are lucky (blessed) enough to win the Jack Pot, do not expect to get your money the next day.  It doesn’t work that way.  In Texas only one person (or entity) and signed the back of the ticket.  Right now all we have is Mega Million Lottery Pool – Game 29 and that is not a legal entity.  So if we win, please be patient with me as I get our ducks line up, I don’t want to make any mistakes in collecting our money.

6. Texas is the only state that has the Megaplier.  With Megapling our numbers we will always win 2, 3 or 4 times any win we have except the Jack Pot.  So if we should win say $40, and the Mega Ball is 4, we would win $160.00. I have elected to let any game be a mixed game.  So on any winnings, I can and may purchase for you a Megaplied Ticket or not.  Remember Megapling Tickets costs us twice as much.

7. The playing in the Lotto Pool is completely voluntary and optional.  No one should feel like that “owe” me any money.  It will cost you at least $5.00 to play in my pool, but you don’t have to play the Lottery at all.  Just because you are in Game 29, doesn’t mean you have play with me in Game 30 or Game 31.  I can NOT remind you of when your money is due.  Because you don’t owe me any money.  Your newsletters tell every week when the next game is due.  I do not penalize anyone for paying early.  At the end of each update I will include the date you need to pay if you want to play again.  I don’t want to forget anyone when collecting dues, but neither do I want to be a “collector”.  I do that for a living now.

Now Game 28 is playing right along with you.  They have 3 numbers in tonight’s game, with $4.00 in their bank.  This game could easily extend until after the 1st of the year.

Game 28 collected $600.00 (60 Shares Sold) with 54 members.  In this game we only have 51 members but I collected $640.00 (64 Shares)

Now it appears that we have only lost 3 members, but that is not quite true.  I actually lost 11 people.  That means 43 of played in Game 28 and are playing again in Game 29.

I got 5 people who played with me before (rejoins).  I got 3 new people.

I want to welcome all my new members and please rest assured, I’m not always this late in getting out newsletters and normally you have all your tickets attached.

However attached to this e-mail is all your numbers.

I will try to do an update again tomorrow to tell you if we won anything or not.

Good Luck, and pray this group wins!




Mega Ball


Dates Valid




04 07   17 40 42




11/24/06 –   12/26/06




06 32   36 52 55







05 06 17   25 37







09 11   13 46 47







02 04   12 27 45







13 31   45 48 55







01 14   24 46 49








04 10   16 29 45







11 14   20 42 53







12 22   46 51 52







07 21   28 49 53







14 22   31 40 50







04 22   26 30 56







09 15   18 43 56







03 19   24 27 40







03 11   16 18 36







02 05   11 40 55







03 08   15 49 51







27 42   44 52 54








02 08   27 33 45








09 13   16 47 56







03 11   12 19 35







04 07   33 36 51







02 32   35 44 49








07 13   33 36 55







04 06   28 39 41







16 32   37 46 50







08 24   39 49 52







01 02   14 40 43







02 14   20 21 56







23 33   37 47 50








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