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Container garden [the potting mixture]


Last Edited: October 21, 2017, 9:46 pm

I got to think about this one for awhile. There already is the fine particles that settled. then there was the flotation that looked like forest products which I do not know how long it takes to rot.

Seeing I already have the decomposed stuff that settled to the bottom which is a fixed situation to begin with. Then we have the flotation that is going to rot over time joining the decomposed stuff at the bottom of the jar which I am not sure of the time it takes to rot.

Maybe I should increase the wood mulch part with this.
Brown Pine Bark Mulch: "It is extremely slow to decay". it is also 100% natural.

Does that mean slow to decay on the grounds surface. Does it decay quicker in below wet ground situation with oxygen in the compost mix.

Got to think about how much pine bark mulch to add to extend the life of the potting mix in the containers before it all turns to swamp muck.

Another thing to think about. Anyone ever hear of Hugelkulture. Look it up.

Create a Hugelkulture container.ROFL

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