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Container garden [bottle settling results 1 & 2 test]


Last Edited: October 22, 2017, 9:22 am

Went out this morning and measured the results from test #1 which contained the potting mix, mushroom mix and vermiculite with a couple handfuls of black cow I had sitting in the paint tray. top flotation was 1/2 cup and the bottom settling contained the finer granules with vermiculite had 1 1/2 cups.

Test #2 had the mushroom compost. it had all settled to the bottom with no recognizable layers about 1 1/2 cups there. Got that in the tray draining and will go out and feel texture later.

Started test #3 with the potting mix with 2 1/2 cups in test bottle. Already seen flotation come to the top. Will let that settle until tonight.

Today's thoughts: Eliminate the mushroom compost and black cow from the container mix. Thinking those two will compact and cause container problems like that dirt episode. Figure out something for the mushroom compost next year. Got one unopened bag which I could take back to the garden center and the opened bag I could take to the back of the lot and mix it with something to place at ground level. Maybe by the back fence and plant something in it.

Was thinking about the forestry chips in the potting mix rotting in the container. Checking on different things and the wood mulch is out of the question I mentioned last night. For the bottom layer of the container which only has the potting mix and water saving crystals in it I could use up to 50% perlite in that layer. They say perlite does not hold as much water as vermiculite.

After final bottle testing I will figure what to go in the top portion of potting mix. As it looks now it just may be potting mix and vermiculite as vermiculite hold more water than perlite. Need more water in top layer for the plants any how and top layer dries out quicker.

Need any additional nutrients I will just add ferlizer.Big Grin

OHHH, the flowers are doing great and the vegetable plants are still alive. Done some pruning on the pepper plants yesterday also.

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