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Container garden [tomato, peppers, squash about done]


Went out just now and the air temperature was chilly and the potting mix temperature has dropped considerably.

I already knew there would not be enough time for those plants to produce any vegetables getting into colder temperatures. As I mentioned I think earlier it was just a learning experience to gain better knowledge of what to do for a better season next year with those vegetable plants.
I will leave those plants in for awhile longer and think about using the containers for cool weather crops until I get the oven built to sanitize the potting mix for next year.

I was thinking about the compost juice bin I was going to do using the left over mushroom mix and black cow. I might better sanitize those two with the oven as well. Put it in like it is now could contaminate the compost juice with fungus. I would just be re contaminating the potting mix with the compost juice.

Still have the bunching onions doing well and I planted some lettuce seed yesterday.

Have the fall flowers to tend to also.

May go in the garage today and assemble the final two containers I have pre-cut. Take them out back to set on the deck to get them out of the garage,

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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - October 25, 2017, 9:43 am
I will leave the Siberian tomato to grow I transplanted yesterday as they said it was cool weather hardy and produced tomato's at cooler temperatures. See what happens.
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - October 25, 2017, 11:23 am
I was just out in the deck garden and spotted some lettuce that came up that I thought would not come up. Have some spinach that popped out of the mix also that are in one of the 10 inch pots.
They are just wee little things right now.
My family rides me a little bit about tearing up plants and throwing them out. Hate to see the reaction when I rip up those nice green tomato's pepper's and squash which will not produce anything any how. LOL
I was thinking I will use that former cuke box which is now the squash box to plant my lettuce in. The squash box is the only box I have vermiculite mixed in the top portion. The spinach and lettuce probably would survive in the boxes where I only have the potting mix and ironite in the top potion.

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