Container garden [morning report]


Went out this morning and dead headed the pansies and pruned back the spent flowering stems. Chill in the air this morning.

Have a little more to do on the two containers I am assembling. Need to put in the vertical board for the octagon corners and cap them off. I will not be filling those boxes until about February. Then I will sort out the scrap box for any savers and take rest to the recycling center along with other items that need to go.

I may start some more bunching onion seeds today. The first bunch is pretty good size now and will need a crop following those.

Radishes and turnips were a total failure and they will be a no grow item. Might better just grow some herbs in that space.

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Avatar JAP69 -
The two containers are finished except for three caps [ran short of lumber again] which can wait until next year when I redo the potting mix in the original four containers and get more boards for the 45 degree corners to make the octagon. The 45 degree corners covers 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inside corners with the cap and the octagon makes the top look pretty. The plants will survive without potting mix in the corner.

bagged up stuff to go to the landfill and organized the garage from being disorganized. Took the two containers out back and set on the deck.

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