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Mega Million Lottery Pool - Game 28 - 16th Update


No surprises here, we didn’t win on Tuesday, good news is that no one else did, either.

The Mega Millions jackpot for the drawing on Friday, December 15th, 2006 is $30 million. I get the Cash Value from: www.ohiolotttery.com. The estimated cash value of this jackpot is $17,974,830.

 I take that figure and divide it by 60 (# of Shares).  Here is want you would get before any attorney fees, taxes or tithes:



Number so Shares Purchased


Amount you Could Win




$ 149,790.25




$ 299,580.50




$ 449,370.75




$ 599,161.00



You have three tickets valid from Friday November 24th, 2006 thru Tuesday December 26th, 2006.  You still have $4.00 in your bank.

Here are your numbers:




Mega Ball


Dates Valid


27 34 35 41 48




11/24/2006 thru 12/26/2006


05 06 13 40 52




11/24/2006 thru 12/26/2006


07 10 15 22 41




11/24/2006 thru 12/26/2006










Game 29 is already in progress, they play right along with you.  If you did not pay to be in Game 29 it’s too late.  But, you can still join Game 30 – see attached.



Evolution of Dance







Where is your beard?


After many years, a young Jewish Talmud student who had left the old country for America returns to visit the family.

"But--where is your beard?" asks his mother upon seeing him.

"Mama," he replies, "in
America, nobody wears a beard."

"But at least you keep the Sabbath?"

"Mama, business is business. In America, everybody works on the Sabbath."

"But kosher food you still eat?"

"Mama, in
America, it is very difficult to keep kosher."

The old lady ponders this information and then leans over and whispers in his ear, "Isaac, tell me--you’re still circumcised?"



Entry #102


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