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The bad ass rooster


We had chickens on the farm, hens and roosters. We kept maybe a hundred or less for eggs and eating to be sold. I use to feed the chickens occasionally, gather the eggs and what not to tend to the chicken flock.

Well we had this rooster one time who grew up thinking he was king sh!t and a bad ass. He got to the point where he would come charging at me and try to spur me accomplishing it a few times. I tolerated that for about one week and one day he came charging at me. I had a small club in my hand and clubbed that bad ass rooster up side the head. Need less to say that bad ass rooster ended up making the main ingredient in a pot of bad ass soup.

True story. Big Grin

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jarasanComment by jarasan - November 25, 2017, 5:28 pm
A long long time ago we were back in the old country at my mom's sister's house where they were both born as well as all my mom's brothers , my aunt asked me to go out and get a chicken for dinner and she handed me a broom to round it up, not quite 8 yo. yet. I assumed she wanted me to whack the biggest one and return to the kitchen (wood burning stove no running water.... it was a long time ago) and I returned with dinner under arm....... yeah you guessed it I whacked the rooster, dang thing had feathers I got the biggest one!!!!! They were laughing.

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