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Mega Million Lottery Pool Game 29 - 8th Update


This morning I slept late.  When I did get up, I checked my e-mail from www.megamillions.com and found


Mega Millions   Winning Numbers for 12/15/2006 are:


6 - 7 - 17 - 28 - 40  Mega Ball: 39  Megaplier: 3


I didn’t realize that we had the Mega Ball 39.  So I thought we had won nothing (again).  When I when to Kroger I was surprised that we won $30.00!








Numbers Drawn


(Mega Ball)


1 of 5 w/Mega Ball






6 - 7 - 17 - 28 - 40




Megaplier 3X


3 of 5






6 - 7 - 17 - 28 - 40




Megaplier 3X


We won a total of $10.00, with the Mega Ball being 3 we now had $30.00!  I was overjoyed. 

This game now has won more than Game 28.  You are already up to $70.00!

Right now you have 64 lines with 3 more draws to go.

The Mega Millions jackpot for the drawing on Tuesday, December 18th, 2006 is: $40 million ($23.9 million cash option)

I get my Cash Option from www.ohiolottery.com.  They tend to have the most accurate.  The Cash Option for Tuesday’s drawing is:


This game has 51 members, but I sold 64 shares ($640.00 in tickets) so I will divide Cash Option by 64 to get our payout.  Please remember this figure is before any attorney fees, taxes or tithes.


Numbers of Shares




Your Share of winnings




$   186,901.87




$   373,803.75




$   560,705.62




$ 747,607.50




$   1,682,116.87



We are down to three more draws in this game.  You have $70.00 in your bank right now, so this game will be extended beyond the December 26th date you have now. 

I don’t know how long I will extend this game, because you know that Game 28 has been playing right along with you.  I have to do a newsletter for Mega Game 28, Mega Game 29, Die Hard Multi-Lottery Pool Game XI, and Lotto Texas Lottery Pool Game One.  That is four newsletters and I’m tired.  So I know that your game will be extended, but right now I don’t know how long.

Because I have new members, I must start Mega Million Lottery Pool Game 30 on Tuesday January 2nd, 2007.

So this means anyone who wants to play in Mega Million Lottery Pool – Game 30 has until Saturday December 30th, 2006 to pay for their share(s) to be in the game.  

Please note:  I will NOT be working on Friday December 29th, or Saturday December 30th, 2006.  I was given jury duty starting on Friday December 29th, 2006.

So if you work for Citi, you should be paying now, or giving me a Post Dated check for Friday December 29th, 2006.


An idea for newlyweds

 On their wedding night, the young bride approached her new husband and asked for $20, for their first lovemaking encounter. In his highly aroused state, her husband readily agreed. This scenario was repeated each time they made love, for the next 30 years, with him thinking that it was a cute way for her to afford new clothes and other incidentals that she needed.

Arriving home around noon one day, she was surprised to find her husband in a very drunken state: Over the next few minutes, he explained That his company had gone through a process of corporate downsizing, and he had been let go - It was unlikely that at the age of 55, he'd be able to find another position that paid anywhere near what he'd been earning, and therefore, they were financially ruined. Calmly, his wife handed him a bank book which showed thirty years of deposits and interest totaling nearly $ 1 million. Then, she showed him stock certificates issued by the bank which were worth over $ 2 million, and informed him that they were the largest stockholders in the bank. She explained that for 30 years, she had charged him for sex and these holdings were the results of her savings and investments. Faced with evidence of cash and investments worth over $ 3 million, her husband was so astounded he could barely speak, but finally he found his voice and blurted out "If I'd had any idea what you were doing, I would have given you all my business ".  You know, sometimes men just don't know when to keep their mouths shut.....

Cows wanting us to eat more Chili
Entry #106


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