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Mega Million Lottery Pool Game 29 - 9th Update



Quote of the Day


We     must believe in ourselves or no one else will believe in us; we must match     our aspirations with the competence, courage and determination to succeed.
     --Rosalyn Sussman Yalow



We won nothing in Tuesday’s drawing, and I’m sorry I had no chance to do any updates.

I worked on Friday, so I thought I would just wait until after that drawing before doing an update.

The numbers for last night’s drawing were:

5-12-15-25-34 MB: 43  MP: 4



Results for your numbers: 8 - 24 - 39 - 49 - 52 (43) How To Play Mega Millions








Numbers Drawn


(Mega Ball)


0 of 5 w/Mega Ball






5 - 12 - 15 - 25 - 34




Megaplier 4X



So we won another $8.00 in last night’s drawing.  This brings up our total winnings to $78.00.

I spend your money today on more tickets.  You have 20 more lines for the day after Christmas drawing.  Most of your tickets will expire after that game.

Right now you have 84 lines with 1 more drawing to go.

After Tuesday December 26th, 2006, you will have 19 lines for Saturday December 29th, 2006.

The Mega Millions jackpot for the drawing on Tuesday, December 26th, 2006 is: $60 million ($35.6 million cash option)

I get my Cash Option from www.ohiolottery.com.  They tend to have the most accurate.  The Cash Option for Tuesday’s drawing is:


This game has 51 members, but I sold 64 shares ($640.00 in tickets) so I will divide Cash Option by 64 to get our payout.  Please remember this figure is before any attorney fees, taxes or tithes.


Numbers of Shares




Your Share of winnings




$   278,851.87




$   557,703.75




$   836,555.62




$ 1,115,407.50




$   2,509,666.87


Okay it’s down to the nitty-gritty.  This game will most likely win something the day after Christmas, but I most likely will spend any of your winnings on one draw for that Saturday.

I have been doing newsletters for Mega Million Lottery Pool Game 28 for two months, and they have played right along with you.  With Die Hard, Lotto Texas pools that means 4 newsletters at least twice a week.

I would like to start the New Year out fresh, the only new game I have starting this year is Lotto Texas Lottery Pool – Game Two, and he starts on Saturday December 30th, 2006.

As it is, I have lost members in my Die Hard Game, so I will have two clubs running from Jan 1, 2007 thru Jan 14th, 2007.

So this means anyone who wants to play in Mega Million Lottery Pool – Game 30 has until Saturday December 30th, 2006 to pay for their share(s) to be in the game.  

Please note:  I will NOT be working on Friday December 29th, or Saturday December 30th, 2006.  I was given jury duty starting on Friday December 29th, 2006.

So if you work for Citi, you should be paying now, or giving me a Post Dated check for Friday December 29th, 2006.


Today's Joke


What I Want You To Know


Here is a classic     piece reminding you some of the important things in life.


* If you’re happy     and you know it clap your hands-it's the best way to make everybody laugh     especially if you’re in the middle of a class.


* Friends are the     best things that will ever happen to you. But that doesn't mean you have to     keep the same ones. People change, so do you...when that happens accept it     and move on. But don't forget to remember your old friends; they have     helped make your life what it is now.


* Siblings will     always be there for; they love even if they don't act like it.


* Never break a     fax machine-it will beep for three days straight.


* Parents are the     same, they'll yell and scream and shout because they want to help. They     also have feelings.


* Never try to     stay up the whole night and tell your friend that they can do anything to     wake you up if you fall asleep; especially if they have Ice tea in their     hand.


* If you smile     someone will smile back.


* If you dip pieces     of apple in apple juice it will taste really weird.


* There are people     that love you but just don't know how to show it.


* If you get hit     with a ball and you start crying everyone will walk over to see how you     are. If you're having a bad day but you're not crying only your best     friends will.


* The best feeling     in the world is to ride with the window down and to be singing along with a     song on the radio.


* Always remember     you're unique, just like everyone else.


* No one is     listening until you make a mistake.


* Duct tape is     like the force, it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the     universe together.


* Never mess up an     apology with an excuse.


* Normal people     are people you don't know.


* There is always     one teacher that everyone hates that never misses school.


* People may     forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel.


* And finally,     being happy doesn't necessarily mean everything's perfect. It just means     you've decided to look beyond all of the imperfections.



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