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lotto purchases today


well I had to take a few days off from here and deal with my own personal demons. things are hard around here. i had to deal with the dream being burst. a dream i had many time over and over again as i came closer to the day for the last drawing. i knew it was going to come to an end and it finally did. it wasn't the ending that i wanted but it was an ending none the less.

i wanted at least 1 hit. one 3 dollar hit with the powerplay. i have such tribulations going on in my life now. i was hoping against hope that i would get the 2nd prize and then it went down to just getting a hit. alas it was not meant to be.

i kept up a good face up and went about dealing with my real life problems. still all the time i was just so sad about losing. six months of dreams went out the window. especially right before christmas. christmas did not come to my house because of a lack of funds. this ticket was purchased when i had a lot of money. well as the days after the drawing went by i managed to get my life back together. i am focusing on my real life problems.

long story to say that my 6 month powerball ticket from north carolina was a bust. a big goose egg. i looked back over my playing over the years for a similar situation and found playing in florida i had the same results on most of my tickets. i did get a $77 dollar winner in florida. it just wasn't meant to be from north carolina. so i had a loser from powerball.

i also had a loser on the washington quinto too. that was like breathing. that didn't bother me at all and i just accepted the loss. i did get another 4 drawing quinto ticket.

i now have 2 more tickets coming due before the new year comes. i will check them before the weekend. it does not look good for making 600 dollars for the year. i won't even make 300 dollars. i can live with that and just start a new year and keep 600 dollars as my mark to make for the new year.

well that is it from me and i have to go do some things. gotta keep moving forward trying to keep the house and the utilities on.

well mr power i am getting used to your ups and downs and this was a big down. mr mega i finally expanded you to another state other than washington. i look forward to both of you to give me some big hits next year so that you can take me away from the work world.


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