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Lotto Texas Lottery Pool - Game Two 1st Update


Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas Lottery Pool - Game Two

Again, we have 7 members, but I lost Johnnie Dodson, but gained Juanita Brown from Ohio.

Ms. Brown plays with me in both Mega Millions and Die Hard games.  She is one of the few members who play in all my games.  I think there are only four members who play in all my games, and that number doesn’t include me.

While this group has seven members, we have more shares.  I purchased two additional shares so we could have $90, and you will see why in a minute.

I will be attaching your tickets and the membership list to this newsletter.

I am going to skip the rules, because all of you are experience players and know how I play.  You know that I purchase Cash Option tickets, and we are playing Lotto Texas in this game.

I would like for you to read this article from Parade Magazine.  Some of you who play in the Die Hard Multi-Lottery Pool have already seen it, but after you read you will understand what I did.

From the Parade magazine, in the ask Marilyn article, (www.parade.com) I ran across this:


You said it doesn’t matter if I keep the same lottery numbers every time or change them—the chances of winning are the same. Does this mean that if I choose the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, my chances are just as good as anyone else’s?
—Dennis Locke,
Greenville, Tex.

Yes, they are. This may help put the odds against winning in better perspective.


This got me to thinking.  I found that in almost all Lottery Drawing numbers are clump together.  It’s not hard to find winning numbers to be something like this:

05, 06. 08, 09, 10, 51, Now if you had purchase all even numbers, you would have one something.  If you purchase the numbers in order, you still would have won something.

Here are the numbers from the Lotto Texas Drawing on

















I tested this theory a few days ago.  I purchased a $60 Cash Five.  I wanted to see how much money I could win from it. 

The very first day, I won $11.00! And now almost every day I’m winning $2.00 per day.  My ticket doesn’t expire until January 5th, 2007 and I’m thinking that I will either make a profit from this ticket, or I may just break even.  Hey, I could win Cash Five maybe.

I needed $90.00 to get every number in Lotto Texas, hence the reason I opted to buy myself 3 shares ($30.00) in this game.  We have every number!

This game will be an e-mail only game.  I have no members that require paper copies.  So my updates will be easier, faster, and cheaper.

This group only has 7 members, but only 3 of them live in the Dallas Metroplex.  Tambra lives in San Antonio, so she is not really an out of state member, but she is out of town.

My Anonymous player lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and you all already know that Juanita Brown lives in Ohio.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think we will win on our tickets, but I think we are going to win some money.  It’s my hope that we won on every drawing, and I can buy more tickets for this group.  Right now, I haven’t decided if I will select numbers or do quick picks, but I think we are going to win something.

Our first drawing in on Saturday December 30th, 2006 and the Jack Pot is worth $17 Million, the Cash Option is worth $10,200,000.00! 

Here is the breakdown if we should win:


Shares Purchased


Amount that could be won















Good luck and happy playing.

Lottery Ticket ONe

 Lottery Ticket Two


Entry #117


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