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Work - And Keno - A New Year


I'm out of work - sort of. The funding for the project by which I've been employed for most of 2006 is in limbo, and no idea when it may or may not be released. I'm still dissatisfied with it - too much outside interference causing too many errors, but the statistical base is in reasonably good condition.

The lottery pages on my website are in better shape. Most of the U.S. lotteries have been updated and the rest of the page has been brought up to the current formatting where the code is concerned. I never did get the time to do the table for the OH Lot O' Play game but, with its imminent demise, I won't bother.

The Keno pages are a different story. Although the game is far more static with regard to format and data changes then lotteries, I haven't done any significant work in that area for at least 18 months. I haven't been getting to Las Vegas to obtain new data nearly as often as I had been in the past and, when I have gotten there, the available time for doing so has been more limited. Even so, there is a significant amount of data waiting to be processed and posted.

I had developed a modification in June 2005 to the format of the Keno analysis section, a mod that would include some data that probably should have been included there in the first place. There has been one - read one - entry using the new data format.

This will change. Now that I have more time on my hands I intend to do major work on the Keno pages. The tables for the display of formulas and computations has already been updated to include all known games. A little of the backlogged information has been processed and posted. There's more to do in this area.

But the biggest change over the next few weeks and months will be the analysis section. Similar (but far more involved) to the lottery payout and percentage page, it presents much of the same type of information. At one time I had envisioned this to replace the payout and percentage page but that has proven to be a bit unrealistic, at least for the present. Work is underway.

Concurrent to this (and totally invisible, of course) will be a complete overhaul in the manner in which existing data is stored on my computer. After standing away for the 18 months, it has become apparent that, with the current file structure, the process necessary to perform data modifications is too cumbersome. I've pretty much got a handle on the new spreadsheet structure, but all of the old ones have to be brought up to date.

There's also some technical and analysis work I want to do on the 5/55, 5/56 and 6/49 lottery matrices - something that's been in the back of my head for a couple of years.....

2007 should be interesting.....


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