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Container garden [update]


Last Edited: May 13, 2018, 10:46 pm

Been busy as a bee pollinating plants every morning.Green laugh

Made two cages to go over the largest tomato plants. I cut legs on the chimneys to go all the way to the bottom of the box. I was going to get a 2 x 2 and screw it to the side of the box and connect the chimney with a threaded rod with nuts bolts and washer for added support not to blow over in the wind. Got looking at the chimneys and changed my mind.Jester What I did is I had some rod left from the concrete wire mesh long enough to  place a diagonal rod in each corner screwing it down where I folded a loop in that end. I extended the rod up about 12 inches at about a 65 degree angle to a horizontal rod in the chimney and folded it over. Strong as could be. Reached up about six feet onto the chimney and tested for strength. The whole wooden container will tip over before the chimney breaks free. Saved money on each container doing it that way with the left over steel rod. Otherwise I would need to purchase a 2 x 2, threaded rod and nuts and washers. Maybe $5.00 on each container.

I also drilled two holes up about four inches and about 3/4 inch apart in each wooden container plus the plastic five gallon pails for me to insert the moisture meter in near the bottom to check them out for water content. Found a couple wooden containers that were low on water near the bottom. I done that because I noticed a tomato plant wilting today even after I gave it a spray of water last night. The water meter only goes in about 8 inches giving me a false impression the whole container has water but only having enough moisture near the top. The plants are growing taller and probably getting more deep rooted.

The cat is back. The cat has now come in the yard behind the house and doing his digging and jobie in the soil I spread around last year that has not grown grass yet [shaded area]. That is the dirt I removed from the containers last year from a screw up of not using potting mix. Seen a dirt mound when I was walking to the back fence and gave it a tap which exposed his jobie.

That cat better stay out of my containers on the deck.

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