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Container garden [update]


Last Edited: May 25, 2018, 1:41 am

Garden seems to be doing fine.Some tomato plants up to almost to the top of the six foot chimneys. Might dead head them off at the top of the chimney. Do not want them to go any higher then the chimneys. Tomato plants all have tomatoes growing.  The cuke box container on the deck have the cuke plants climbing the chimney weaving themselves upwards to about two feet now with flowers here and there. The cauliflower curd seems not to be doing well and the leaves dying with the hot weather. Going to harvest all of it within the next week. The curd is not as large as it should be but will get what there is. Cauliflower is a cool weather plant anyhow. The squash have some ready for eating. Leave the squash that is about ready on the vine and will have fried zucchini and yellow squash this weekend. Had a flower drop on the eggplant which probably went wrong somewhere. The lettuce is all done. May decide to put butternut squash in the lettuce box and connect concrete wire mesh to the box for a trellis for the squash to climb.

Had a good rain today and when it stopped I went out and checked the ferlizerBig Grin content in the deck containers. All containers good on the ferlizer.Big Grin

Out yesterday with the water content meter and found that the five gallon buckets hold the water in longer than the wood containers. I drilled a bunch of holes in the buckets when I set them up for planting.

Going to the garden center and look for muskmelon and water melon plants to put in the two cauliflower boxes. If no plants I have seeds and will pick up a bag of seed starting mix. Will see if they have any butternut squash plants also.

Peppers are not doing sh!t. Too hot and all they are doing is growing plant foliage. Cool weather plant.

Update: 0:1:40

Forgot to mention I got another sheet of concrete wire mesh Monday evening and made a chimney for the tomato plant in the five gallon bucket that was getting tall. The chimney fit around the bucket and I placed the chimney bottom onto the wood pallet the bucket sets on and fastened it down there. I have one more tomato plant in a bucket but the tomato plant is a slow grower and does not need the extra cage yet. It is a sweet million tomato plant.

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Lucky StarComment by Lucky Star - May 26, 2018, 6:35 pm
Sounds nice!!
I miss vegetables fresh out of the garden!!

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