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Container garden [update]


Last Edited: May 25, 2018, 8:26 pm

Planted muskmelon and watermelon seed again in seed starting pots. Made my own seed starter again. 1/3 garden sand, 1/3 potting mix with no large particles and 1/3 black cow. When I finished I set the little pots side by side in the lettuce box and covered them over with a double layer of burlap with clothes pins holding the burlap in place. Found that if I leave the little pots uncovered rain wrecks havoc with the seed starting mix and little seedlings. I have seen the rain blow the seeds up to the top that were buried half an inch. When the seeds come up if they do I will cover them up with something to let daylight in.

Topped off two yellow cherry tomato plants in the wooden containers on the deck today so they would not grow taller. They were up about seven feet off the deck and about five foot nine inches from the top of the wooden container. Tall enough as it is at seven feet from the deck. Be a cold day in Hades before I climb a ladder or raise the chimneys higher.

From there I went behind the back fence to the ground box with three big boy plants in it and topped those off at the height of the support stake. About five feet off the ground. Tall enough. Bonsai tomato plants[Green laugh]. They have flowers on them also.

Did not see any bees flitting about today. Use larvicide my ass.

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Lucky StarComment by Lucky Star - May 26, 2018, 6:27 pm
Wow! Those are tall tomato plants!
What is muskmelon? Is it like honeydew melon?

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