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Container garden [this & That]


So far the burlap mat I put around the butternut squash in the 2 x 3 foot elevated bin seems to be helping with moisture control. Checked today with the moisture meter and moisture level is up there. I have more burlap so I may decide to put it around the watermelon and muskmelon plant.

Was out this afternoon harvesting yellow squash and zucchini that was ready. Walked around behind the back fence and discovered that the soya cuke growing on the vine hanging on the fence about three feet up was on the ground. The soya cuke is about 16 inches long and had some weight to it. Yanked about five feet of vine down. I clipped off the soya cuke and put that in the bag with the squash and took that in the house. Gathered up my velcro loop fastener tape and shears and went out and re-hung the soya cuke vine.

Picked about one pound of yellow cherry tomatoes also.

Got regular cukes growing on the vines in the deck container with the chimney. That chimney worked great.

The squash plants are dying off so it looks like not much more squash coming from them.

The eggplant are not doing nuthin. When the remaining flowers on the plants drop off they get yanked out. I also read that high humidity which we have here does not allow the pollen in the eggplant flower to dry out enough to drop and pollinate the pistil. Eggplant are self pollinators from the same flower also. Will not plant eggplant again.

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