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Container garden [this & That]


Last Edited: June 22, 2018, 2:14 pm

All the squash died off from the blight or mildew. Sweet cherry tomatoes have been ripening and going in my salad. Have gotten cucumbers from the deck container with the chimney for them to grow on. Got about four cukes so far harvesting three this morning. I am the only one eating them so far so that will be the last of the cukes I will plant. Big boy tomatoes are starting to ripen and those plants are doing well. The sweet million cherry tomato plant has done well but I will not plant those again. The eggplant have started to bear fruit having one about the size of a half dollar.

I planted butternut squash seed on 6/5 and those plants are doing well. I also planted watermelon and muskmelon in the two wooden deck containers which had come up. Got thinking about the watermelon and muskmelon with the need to purchase chimney mesh for those plus the need to support the fruit when it grows on the chimney cage. Not going to happen. I yanked out the watermelon and muskmelon today and planted seed in one box with straight neck yellow squash and the other with zucchini seed like my wife usually buys. It says 55 days to harvest which will be toward the end of August. I also pulled out the dead yellow squash in the five gallon pail on the deck and planted yellow squash seed in that. Will take better care of the squash with dusting for this and that so it does not die again from disease now that it is on the deck. I will still need to install a wire cage for the butternut squash. The whole family eats squash.  I figure squash is a better choice to plant as I am about the only one who eats watermelon and muskmelon. I will go buy  watermelon and muskmelon when I want it.

The burlap mat I put around the butternut squash in the elevated bin is doing real well. The elevated bin use to need watering daly without the burlap mat and now it can go days at a time without the need for water. Have been checking it with my moisture content meter. Will put burlap around the squash plant when they come up in the deck containers.

Going to go behind the back fence and tear up the ground boxes that have the dead squash in them. Will take the ground box soil and spread it over tree roots sticking up on the lawn which is hard to mow over with the roots sticking up.

Getting things sorted out on what I want to plant and how many of each. Plant more than I need and it will go to rot from not eating it.

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