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I went to the garden center today to pick up a spray bottle of liquid copper fungicide. Paid $6.00 for a 24 oz spray bottle of it. While I was there I spotted a 1 pint container of copper fungicide that was obviously a concentrated bottle of it. It makes up to 45 gallons of fungicide. It was about $9.00 for the one pint concentrate. I looked on the other side of the aisle and seen one gallon sprayers for $9.00 each.
It would take just a little over five 24 oz bottles to equal a gallon of the fungicide for a total of about $30.00 a gallon. So I could buy the concentrate and the one gallon sprayer for $18.00. That would give me about 45 gallons of fungicide at a cost value of $1,350.00 for a cash outlay of $18.00. Green laugh

I also purchased a Torenia flower plant while I was there. I just could not resist it.

So I got home and after supper I went to the laundry room and sprayed my arms with bug repellent rubbing it around with my hands and while my hands were moist with the repellent rubbed behind my ears. From there I went out and sprayed plants with the fungicide and then transplanted the Torenia plant into a flower pail. Picked off more infected peppers and threw them away.

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