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Went out this morning for my chew of tabakyJester and coffee. Pulled up one end of the plastic tent over the counter top for a look see. The top was dry so I folded back the plastic and pinned it to the back wall. Looked over the counter top and back splash. The back splash should have been palm sanded to smooth out the raised grain. So the back splash is going to stay the way it is. Still have some spots on the counter top that do not look glossy from the poly. I cut a piece of burlap about 12 x 8 inches and laid that flat on the counter and placed a cleaning rag over it and folded it in making a burlap sander. Burlap is a mild abrasive which does not leave scratch marks like sand paper. Spent some time with the burlap sander to smooth out the counter top surface. Now I am debating whether to give the counter top another coat of poly to have a full glossy finish when looking across the top at eye level.

Decisions sure are hard some times.Bang Head

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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - July 21, 2018, 12:34 pm
Decided not to give it another coat of poly. Done some more sanding with the burlap, took down the plastic and the wood attached to the cabinet for the poly tent and put all that stuff away. Got out my nail set and set the nail heads deeper where need be to have space for the wood filler. I purchased the wood filler when I purchased the stain. A tiny can of non hardening Minwax filler that closely matches the stain. Filled all the holes with the filler cleaning off the excess with a damp cloth.
Going to let the poly harden another day or two before I put on the wax coating.
The counter top looks good to me.

These major decisions first thing in the morning takes a toll on my brain cells. May lay down after I have some lunch and take a nap.

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