I'm getting ready...


...to take my pick 3 playing to the next level.  January thus far have been VERY successful for me, and now it's about time that I set my goal for the year.  I like the idea of setting monthly goals rather than yearly goals, however the end result will be the same. My monthly goal for the month of February is to win pick 3 STRAIGHT 2-3 times per week.  I've put many hours into studying this game and it looks like it's finally paying off for me.  My goal for the remainder of January is to win pick 3 STRAIGHT for 1.00 (playing online) 8 more times before the month ends, which would be $7200 more for the month.  I'm going to continue to study, study, study to see if can will achive this goal for January.  Good Luck to ALL who set lottery goals.  I find this helps me to study harder and as the saying goes...the more I study, the luckier I become!  I'm now feeling pretty darn lucky!

1/21/2007XXXXXXXX-6SC 6:30PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25Y1-9-3

A box win tonight, but I'm shooting for straights!  I just keep that "insurance" on a number in case it comes box rather than straight like tonight.

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Avatar angelm -
Good luck!!I am glad you have a positive attitude!!
Yes, Good Luck.
Avatar Winner2Be -
Thank you angelm and Excalibur. Excalibur, it's because of many tools I've learned from you in the past that I'm now able to be so successful with the lottery so again, THANKS! Still not that successful with the pick 4 game, but as long as I can profit with the pick 3 game I'm very happy. Good Luck to you both as well.
I have never yet bothered with the pick 4 as we don't have it here on Texas, but if I did, I might perhaps think of it in these 4 ways:
XXXX A 4 digits game or a pick 3 with just one more digit.
XXX- Predict it's Left side pick 3 then worry about the Rth side digit and or also:
-XXX Predict it's Right side pick 3 then match it to the predicted Lth side pick 3 like:
027- + -274 = 0274 Match all predicted Lth pick 3 numbers with all predicted Rth side numbers that have the same common digits such as with the above example, Also:
XX-X Do the same and:
X-XX Do the same.
Those are just untested ideas.
Also look at the pick 4 as being pairs put together, such as:
XXYY A Lth Pair and a Rth pair and also:
XYYX A side pair and an inside pair and as many other 2 pairs variations.
Just some possible ideas.
If LottoMike can win at the pick 4 so can also other people, as they say "There is more than one way to skin a cat" or predict a lottery game.
There are many more possible filters for use on the pick 4 than for use on the pick 3 as it has 1 "Extra" digit.
Your are smart and can find a way, there might be so many possible ways, properly made software can make things so much easier, it is just too bad that there are not enough softwares for the pick 4 game and I don't know if anyone of them is good enough or not, but in a way pick 3 software works for the pick 4 games if you break-down the pick 4 into it's pick 3 parts and or pairs.
Sorry, but I am not up to giving too much personal instructions no more other than something such as these ideas, from time to time.
Good luck.
I forgot to say:
Win D has a breakdown of the pick 4 combos that might be of help and maybe of great help for boxed pick 4 winning, you might want to take a look at the pick 4 boxed breakdown as given by WIN D and or others also at WIN D's pick 4 posts there might be good info there about the breakdowns and their skip frequencies or some such.

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