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Bringing in the new year with a bang!

I was sick this week and didn't play much of the lottery, however yesterday evening paid off for me for the entire week!  Nothing like winning $3600.00 in one day!  I'm SOOOOOOOOO hopeful that this year is going to truly be a WONDERFUL and PROSPEROUS year for me with the lottery! I have 1 more day with week number one, can't wait to see how week one ends for me Saturday evening. 

1/4/2008177XXXXX-XXSC 6:30PM Pick 31$4.00$4.00N


Entry #11

Why are SOME people so negative on LP?

Do you ever wonder why SOME people are so dang NEGATIVE here! I see some people come and rate threads a poor rating and they didn't even contribute one word to the thread and they don't even play in that particular state. The ONLY input to the thread was to come in and give it a rating of poor. Then there are some other people who just want "the winning number" for the particular draw, and again these people DON'T contribute anything POSITIVE to the existing thread. It's like being one big happy family, and then one lurking in to cause chaos and then moving (lurking) on to the next thread to start more chaos.

Are these few people so miserable with themselves that they have to try to always keep confusion going on to be happy? Are they unhappy because of the money that others are winning on a daily basis while they lose on a daily basis because they fail to take the time needed to successfully WIN at games he/she chooses to play?

I love the LP family and I have met some wonderful people that I truly consider my friends.  I have always encountered some people who are so dang rude, negative, and disrespectful that it makes one not want to assist them in finding a method that works.  My thought is why would I want to assist one who is so mean spirited, rude, disrespectful, and gives nothing but negativity to many of the threads that he/she post in. 

Todd does so much to keep this a warm forum; it's sad that no matter what there are people who just strive to be negative in all aspects of his/her life!

Wishing all my lottery friends and family a joyous holiday season, and a prosperous NEW YEAR!

 Happy New Year 2008 


Entry #10


Today was a great day for me and the lottery! I hit midday straight and evening straight!

11/3/2007 16XXXXX-XXX SC Midday 12:30PM Pick 3 1 $0.25 $0.25 N 6-0-5 (win of 225.00)

11/3/2007 163XXXXX-XXX SC 6:30PM Pick 3 1 $0.25 $0.25 N 0-9-5 (win of 225.00)

I hope my winning streak goes on!!!

CONGRATS to all that won today!!!


Entry #9

God Is Good!

Oh happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/3/2007 163XXXXX-XXX SC Midday 12:30PM Pick 3 1 $0.25 $0.25 N 6-0-5


225.00 win...let's see what tonight brings!!!

Entry #8

Keeping Track (June)...

I really don't know why so many people are having problems with online playing even with new laws in place I'm having no problems withdrawing and depositing.  Using my blog to keep track of my success.

6/6/2007XXXXXXX-20SC 6:30PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25Y6-4-7
  win: 37.50



Entry #7

I'm getting ready... take my pick 3 playing to the next level.  January thus far have been VERY successful for me, and now it's about time that I set my goal for the year.  I like the idea of setting monthly goals rather than yearly goals, however the end result will be the same. My monthly goal for the month of February is to win pick 3 STRAIGHT 2-3 times per week.  I've put many hours into studying this game and it looks like it's finally paying off for me.  My goal for the remainder of January is to win pick 3 STRAIGHT for 1.00 (playing online) 8 more times before the month ends, which would be $7200 more for the month.  I'm going to continue to study, study, study to see if can will achive this goal for January.  Good Luck to ALL who set lottery goals.  I find this helps me to study harder and as the saying goes...the more I study, the luckier I become!  I'm now feeling pretty darn lucky!

1/21/2007XXXXXXXX-6SC 6:30PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25Y1-9-3

A box win tonight, but I'm shooting for straights!  I just keep that "insurance" on a number in case it comes box rather than straight like tonight.

Entry #6

It's time for me to get winning!!!

It's time for me to get some winning cash my way. 

I'm determine to have a hit before this week is up. 

I WILL reach my goal!!!

The more I study the luckier I become with my number skills. 

I wish more people would realize this rather than always asking for "winning numbers".  If we knew what was coming each draw in the lottery we would all be rich!!!  Such a silly amazes me how many people ask "what number is coming out tonight"---

Well I hope all who have one reach his/her lottery goals this month!!!

Entry #5

What will tonight bring?

I'm trying my luck at pick 4 tonight.  I really would like to start hitting those numbers even if it is a box hit.  I figure if I put 1.00 on the numbers I would still be getting a NICE RETURN until I finally put the 1.00 straight on the number for that $9000.00 return!!!  It would be nice to hit pick 4 straight for 1.00 once a month and box at least 10-15 times per month. My plan is to start out playing .25 box, then after the first win I would increase my wager to 1.00 per number until I finally play it straight for 1.00.  I'm posting some of my picks tonight...I normally don't play on Sundays, but decided to give it a go tonight.  I hope to catch a pick 4 box tonight!!!  Let's wait and see...

South Carolina (Evening-Sunday)

7584 7581 7589 7587

7691 7690 7694 7698

1.00 box~~~ $ 62.00

561 (.25 combo)

New Balance~~~ $61.75

Trying some pick 4's tonight!!!  Let's see how it goes...I'm still plowing away at hitting pick 4 with fewer combos (less than 10 combos)

Alright a few pick 3 numbers for tonight

121 122 221 120 021 232 230 032 241 142 (.25 straight)

New Balance---$59.25

Entry #4

This is my month!!!

I've always thought about lottery goals month after month and like many others I find the first day of the month a PERFECT DAY to establish my goals for that particular month.  I've always had them in my head, but I've decided to start writing them out to see if and when I attain them.  My goal for the month of July is to win $3000 playing the pick 3/4 game.  Of course that includes me continuing to play online where the payouts are greater.  I'm trying many new techniques right now as I attempt to find the one with the best success rate for me.  I'm going to gradually increase my winning goals, however I want to be really realistic while I'm in the tweaking stage of technique.  I'm a straight shooter, but missed some wins last month for playing straight when the number came box, so now I'm going to start playing box as well just for insurance purposes. :-)  Good luck to anyone else who have started a lottery goal for the month of July.  Stay focus, don't allow others to sway you, stay on the right road and MUCH SUCCESS in the FUTURE!!!!!  I'll keep you posted on my results.  $ I come...ready or not!!!!

Entry #3

Should I ask...

I often ask the question "Why"---why does this or that happen in my life.  I've now come to the conclusion that I need to ask myself "why not".  I know that everything that I endure in this lifetime is something that I need to experience that will help me grow and develop as a person.  I'm learning to STOP asking why does this or that happen.  I'm going to accept the situation or circumstance while asking "why not"; while boldly doing what I can to change the situation or myself if I can.  If I can't I can always lean on a higher power than myself.

The question that ponders me right now is...

Why do people win the big lottery games when they already have plenty of resources and funds?

My answer to this question now is...why not?

Entry #2


I've come to a crossroad in my life. It is now time for me to make some changes. Although I'm very hopeful and excited about the changes that I MUST make in order to grow more as an individual; I'm also scared!!!  I know the changes that I'm NEEDING to take will help me heal my life, but I often forget about myself in an effort to make others happy while neglecting my own needs--now it is scary to stop enabling others (my family) and start taking care of myself.  It's time for me to lovingly walk away so I can finally take care of myself. 

I need to get enough money together to leave the home that was once mine and get an apartment.  I often feel that it's "not fair" that I have to leave my home, but living with my mother is not healthy for me.  She lost her home and I took her in, and now I'm ready after 2 years to walk away and leave her with my home and get an apartment because it's really not healthy for me to live with her.  So many unresolved much much sadness...I love her enough to walk away and leave her with my home and all the furniture in it since she lost everything due to an irresponsible mistake that she made that cost her everything, including her home and car.  I don't want to leave her with nothing, so I'm willing to start over as far as a home and furniture.

I don't have the money or resources to truly start over, but I'm going to continue to believe God for a miracle.  I'm actually praying and hoping to hit pick 3 and/or pick 4 a few times to get the funds available so I can leave.  I know many will think that it's silly that I'm playing the lottery in an effort to win money to get an apartment, but I'm believing and I know that I have other lottery buddies that WILL pray and stand in the gaps for me as well.  God knows my heart and he knows that I'm truly sincere, so he will provide.  I know in a few more days, weeks, or months I will be able to write another post rejoicing on WINNING the funds to move to an apartment. 

I'm very artistic so I'm not worried about furnishing my apartment right away.  I will take my bedroom furniture and leave my mother 3 bedroom sets, living room, den, and dining room furniture.  I love creating things so I'm going to start with a fouton, and go from that point on creating an apartment that represents who I am. 

I'm a counselor, freelance writer, model, pageant girl and artist so my place is going to be a healing sanctaury for others and myself.  I want my place to speak love and compassion when one walks through the doors.

I want to return to school to finish my RN Degree to become a psychiatric nurse.  I'm planning on doing this maybe next semester or next year because my primary goal at this time is getting the funds to get an apartment.

I will continue on this journey, and I'm glad that you took the time to come along...

Come back---follow my as I continue my jouney to the other side.

By the way that is the title of a novel that I'm currently working on...My Journey to the Other Side.  It's the first novel that I've written.  I've written and published many articles, but it's exciting to be finally working on a novel.  This is a life dream of mine to write a novel.

Well until we meet again, have a beautiful day!!!


DO ALL the good you can...

YOU are the SPACE that answers can show up...


Please pray for me to get the funds to get an apartment.  Thanks!!!

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