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Why are SOME people so negative on LP?


Last Edited: December 23, 2007, 9:55 am

Do you ever wonder why SOME people are so dang NEGATIVE here! I see some people come and rate threads a poor rating and they didn't even contribute one word to the thread and they don't even play in that particular state. The ONLY input to the thread was to come in and give it a rating of poor. Then there are some other people who just want "the winning number" for the particular draw, and again these people DON'T contribute anything POSITIVE to the existing thread. It's like being one big happy family, and then one lurking in to cause chaos and then moving (lurking) on to the next thread to start more chaos.

Are these few people so miserable with themselves that they have to try to always keep confusion going on to be happy? Are they unhappy because of the money that others are winning on a daily basis while they lose on a daily basis because they fail to take the time needed to successfully WIN at games he/she chooses to play?

I love the LP family and I have met some wonderful people that I truly consider my friends.  I have always encountered some people who are so dang rude, negative, and disrespectful that it makes one not want to assist them in finding a method that works.  My thought is why would I want to assist one who is so mean spirited, rude, disrespectful, and gives nothing but negativity to many of the threads that he/she post in. 

Todd does so much to keep this a warm forum; it's sad that no matter what there are people who just strive to be negative in all aspects of his/her life!

Wishing all my lottery friends and family a joyous holiday season, and a prosperous NEW YEAR!

 Happy New Year 2008 


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angelmComment by angelm - December 23, 2007, 12:27 pm
Merry christmas!!!(Just ignore those rude people)
NBey6Comment by NBey6 - December 23, 2007, 1:16 pm
Winner2Be - Don't even think of it, stay blessed and enjoy what your GOD/Creator has given you.

Plus we need to pray for others to have the peace and blessings that we do!!!!

Winner2BeComment by Winner2Be - December 23, 2007, 1:34 pm
angelm and NBey~ Thank you for your kind words! You both are SO RIGHT in your comments, again thank you both! Wishing you both a great Christmas Holiday!
Comment by jim695 - December 23, 2007, 4:27 pm
   Some people are negative because they're not happy. If they're not happy, they don't like seeing other people being happy, so they try to bring the rest of us down to where they live (misery loves company).
   There's no trick to dealing with such doomsayers; simply hang out and communicate with those of us who feel the same way you do. Most of us are here to encourage each other and to offer the benefit of our experience to those who want or need it. The relatively few who would spoil our fun make great efforts to do so, and it's up to us to quell those voices when it best serves our interests.
   Everyone here is entitled to their opinions, but inherent to that right is the responsibility to express them in a non-offensive manner, whenever possible. The rules Todd imposes for his members are not difficult to understand, and they don't place any undue burdens on our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to free speech. However, this web site belongs to Todd, and he is the ultimate and final authority concerning its content. Given that, it's important to realize that even Todd won't delete a post simply because it might be presented in a negative tone or because he disagrees with what the offending author has written. In truth, we NEED some of those negative posts in order to raise the ire of some of the other members, because some of our fellows must get really angry before they'll write a single word. More often than not, such posts lead to some very lively discussions on the current topic.
   On the other hand, I've seen a few new members get the boot after only a few posts because they couldn't restrain themselves from making personal attacks against other members or because they were trying to sell something to us (except for the advertisers Todd screens personally to sponsor LP.com, this is not a commercial web site). In fact, I remember one instance where Todd revoked the membership of someone he really liked and respected. This person was warned several times until, finally, the numerous violations he committed could no longer be forgiven.
   I wouldn't love this site as much as I do if not for the people who comprise it; they ARE the forum. I have my favorite authors, as I'm sure most of us have, but I also enjoy reading those posts that challenge my own views and opinions, because they give me another persective on the subject being discussed.
   Personally, I would never recommend ignoring another person's opinions just because they disagree with our own. Instead, we should give those views all the consideration they deserve, on a case-by-case basis. Some will warrant more consideration than others, but each of us will have to make that decision according to our individual creeds. If things get to be so bad that you just can't stand it anymore, you always have the option of blocking an author who continually offends you.
   While I can't answer the question posed in your title, I hope I've given you something to ponder, and I look forward to reading your future posts.
   I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, a Pleasant Kwanza and a very prosperous 2008. May Benjamin Franklin take up residence in your pockets!
Winner2BeComment by Winner2Be - December 23, 2007, 5:07 pm
VERY well said Jim! Thank you, I definitely needed to read that and it's so correct. I really appreciate your input, suggestion and advice! Thanks! Happy holidays to you also my friend!
justxploringComment by justxploring - December 23, 2007, 9:52 pm
There is hostility on most internet boards. It's a known fact that people who normally are very timid might use a message board as a catharsis to open up and vent. If everyone agreed on an issue, it would be boring, but that's just my opinion. I'm also not sure what you are calling negative. For example, this is a lottery board and if someone says "don't depend on hitting the lottery for your future income" it isn't being negative, it's being realistic. When I see several people saying "I know I'm going to hit the PB" when 7 or 8 people each year out of hundreds of millions play, I always hope they are one of the lucky ones (positive) but I wonder if in 10 years from now they'll be jumping off tall bridges because they had unrealistic hopes & dreams (negative) I have really heard people say "I don't need to work my butt off because I'm going to win the lottery" or maybe "I'm going to tell my boss to shove it because I dreamed I won the lottery." This is not a healthy way of looking at life. So maybe people here think I am negative. I don't know.

Still, even if someone has a very different point of view, he/she doesn't need to make a personal attack to get the point across.
Comment by pacattack05 - December 23, 2007, 10:23 pm
There are negative people because positive peole wouldn't exist without them. Everything in the universe has a positive and negative energy to balance itself out. The electrons and protons around an atom are constantly trying to equalize by trading off. The reason you get a shock in the winter while walking on a shag rug touching a door handle is because there are more electrons stored up in your body than needed. So when you touch the handle the surplus leaves the body to fill in the empty slots on the door handle.

Good and evil.....Right and wrong.....sweet and sour......salty and bitter.....hot and cold.......Tall and short.....skinny and fat.....ugly and beautiful....Light and darkness......
Neither one can exist without the other.
This reminds me of the best episode of the old Twilight Zone. A bank robber dies while escaping from a cop, climbing over a fence. He enters a place where his every whim is granted to him. A harem of women, all the money he wanted, and always won on every slot machine, table game , and everything in between. After many days and weeks of never losing and all the other things that came with it, he started to lose his mind. It wasn't fun anyomre to win ALL the time. He pleaded to the host who was accomodating all this to him, to please take him to the other place, meaning hell, since he thought he was in heaven. And the host says....You are in the other place.....lol

rteagueComment by rteague - December 23, 2007, 10:30 pm
people are negative only because they see others having success and are jealous instead of buckling down and trying to accomplish the same success...as far as threads go if i cant rate a thread excellent then i don't even rate it..i had someone rate my Dec NC thread a 2 star and i'm thinking to myself why did that person do that,if they have a problem with me or my thread then be BIG enough to PM me or confront me about it...people to me are just funny with there childish actions
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - December 23, 2007, 11:14 pm
Congrats on your success of getting your numbers in line for profit. Like many have said negativity comes at succesful people. They try to knock you off the pedestal mentaly. Just keep a strong mind and let negativity roll off of you like water on a duck. It also has appeared you have mastered the art of gambling. Playing the lottery is not like casino gambling . You can bide your time and place your wagers when the time is right with the lottery.
Keep a positive attitude and suround yourself with people of like attitude.
And have a Merry Christmas.
And a POSPEROUS new year.
csfbComment by csfb - December 23, 2007, 11:14 pm
Negativity is determined not by what the person says or does, but how you react to it. And how you react depends on how you feel about yourself. If that person is agreeing with you, most likely, you feel positive about him.

We all react to others' actions in different ways. To you, that person may be negative, to another, not. It is up to you how you choose to react.

Oftentimes, that "negative" person is not even aware that he has impacted you negatively.
emilygComment by emilyg - December 23, 2007, 11:25 pm
Merry Xmas. xxxooo
Comment by pacattack05 - December 23, 2007, 11:47 pm
When a lion kills a deer, do you feel bad, or say that's nature at work?
When you know that countless animals are being slaughtered in the house on an everyday basis, can you sleep at night?

Hung by their feet with their throats slit, left to bleed to death. YEAH!! How are you doing today? it makes me physically sick to even write what you're reading. Believe it!

Or fur pulled off the variant dogs, while alive. My heart aches as i write this.
We really don't have it that hard.

Everything is relative.....
Winner2BeComment by Winner2Be - December 24, 2007, 8:42 am
Wow...thanks for ALL the feedback! It gives a different perspective on many things! Have a WONDERFUL holiday season.

John, thank you very much! I agree 100% with you buddy!

So many wonderful replies...I apprecaite all feedback!

I do however feel that one can be a negative person and NOT let it NEGATIVELY impact another. I'm able to see a negative, miserable, mean spirited person and I pray for them and move on. I'm grateful that for the most part people are kind on LP.

Emily...words can't even begin to express how I feel about you. You are a jewel and a GREAT asset to LP!

Pacattack---that's why I'm VEGAN because those issues do impact me greatly (wink). ps...and NO I don't wear fur! True hippie! LOL

Again, thanks for all replies! Now it's time for me to get my tofurkey ready. LOL
colthmnComment by colthmn - December 24, 2007, 10:43 pm
Just learn to turn them off! Block them out!! Let them go elsewhere with their cathartic words of ruin!!

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